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TV Documentary

Program Name:When Caregivers Kill Within the Family

  • Introduction
“Caregiving murders”—when people who are exhausted from caregiving kill or attempt to kill a family member. Such incidents occur once every two weeks in Japan. While many of those involved are reluctant to talk, 11 people consented to interviews. A man deeply committed to caregiving killed his wife of 42 years after she begged him, “Make sure I die.” An unemployed man was pushed beyond his limits by caring for his mother with dementia. The reality that comes to light through their testimony is one for which no easy solutions exist. An NHK survey revealed that 26% of the caregiving murder incidents took place in the first year of care, and that 75% of those individuals had utilized caregiving support services. What caused these people to cross the line? The program poses these unanswerable questions to the audience.
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Participating Company (Full name):NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp.) Country/Territory:Japan
Programme Title:When Caregivers Kill Within the Family Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 49 )Min( )Sec ×( )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2016-7-3
Broadcaster:NHK Name:
Director:Hideyuki Maruoka / Hyoe Kume / Marisa Okada / Mai Nagano / Hiroshi Ogi / Saki Onishi / Naoki Hashimoto / Tomomi Okayama Scriptwriter:
Cameraman:Kenji Muraishi
Previous Awards :Nov.2016 Galaxy Awards (Japan) : Honorable Mention Apr.2017 Chicago International Television Festival : Gold Plaque Jun.2017 US International Film & Video Festival : SILVER SCREEN Producer:Hidenobu Yokoi / Kazuaki Watanabe / Daisuke Matsuoka / Takahiro Nasu