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TV Drama

Program Name:Kidnapped 绑架

  • Introduction
KIDNAPPED tells the story of a mother's quest to be reunited with her son. During her imprisonment for drugs, Maia's son Xiaojie was adopted by Ellie. After six years, Maia is determined to get her son back. She finally tracks Xiaojie down and drives off in the car that he is sleeping in. While refueling at a convenient store, a man suddenly hijacks the car and drives off. Maia chases after them but he manages to shake her off. The man, Ah Zheng, is on the run and was looking for an escape car. Unknown to him, Xiaojie was in the car. Ah Zheng suddenly becomes a "kidnapper". Reminded of the time she lost her own son, Ellie is frantically looking for her adopted son too. Maia finally tracks the duo down. Ah Zheng learns of her story and decides to help her reunite with Xiaojie. He helps them escape. A series of events leads everyone to the final showdown. Maia realizes she knows nothing about Xiaojie and questions her ability to care for him. On the other hand, Ellie has been treating Xiaojie as her dead son's substitute. What will happen at the end? Who will Xiaojie end up with? 《绑架》讲述了一个母亲探寻与孩子重聚的故事。在玛雅因运毒被判刑的期间,玛雅的儿子小杰被埃莉领养了。六年后,玛雅决心要让儿子回到自己的身边。玛雅最终追寻到小杰的下落,并伺机将小杰在里面睡觉的车子开走。当她在便利店买东西的时候,有个男人突然骑劫小杰所在的车子。玛雅穷追在后但最终还是被摆脱了。这个男人,阿正,其实在逃并寻找出逃的车子,他并不知道小杰其实在被他劫走的车子里,阿正就这样突然成为了“绑匪”。 埃莉忆起曾经失去亲生儿子的伤痛,她疯狂地寻找小杰的下落。此时,玛雅追寻到阿正和小杰的下落。阿正知道玛雅的情况后决心帮助他们出逃,让她跟小杰团聚 。一系列的事件导致每个人最终摊牌,玛雅意识到自己对小杰一无所知并质疑自己照顾小杰的能力。另一方面,埃莉一直将小杰视作她去世儿子的替身。到底最终剧情会如何发展?小杰最终会跟谁呢?
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Participating Company (Full name):August Pictures Pte Ltd 堂堂映画 Country/Territory:Singapore
Programme Title:Kidnapped 绑架 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 76 )Min( 21 )Sec ×( 1 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-09-08
Broadcaster:Singapre, StarHub E City 新加坡StarHub都会台 Name:
Director:Sam Loh 罗胜 Scriptwriter:Link Sng 孙逸群
Cameraman:Chow Boon Seong 周文祥
Previous Awards :无 Producer:Chow Wai Thong 周伟堂
Main actress - Debbie Goh 女主角-吴天渝
Supporting actress - Maia Lee 女配角-李芝瑛
Supporting actor - Bunz Bao 男配角-包尚泽
Director - Sam Loh
Writer - Link Sng
Theme Song - Wong Ei Ei