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TV Drama

Program Name:Growth Behind The Sun 逆光成长

  • Introduction
The rebellious girl gave birth to her son and drop out of school, she couldn't live with her grandmother because of the different generation education, so she moves to the United States to work as a blacksmith, until the age of school admission of Ah Bi, and she was forced to return home. Suffering from terminally ill grandmother, conceal the disease, as one wish for Xiao Zhao is the rest of the years she can learn how to take care of Ah Bi and has the responsible of the mother towards Ah Bi, but since Xiao Zhao repeatedly makes trouble, and even more she plans to runaway from homes, so that her grandmother disheartened. On that day when Xiao Zhao was desperate to escape to the United States, her grandmother was fainted. She realizes that her grandmother's life was slowly disappearing start from the moment. After Xiao Zhao go through everything and notice that it is the time to learn to carry responsibility and accompany her grandmother through the rest of the time. After her grandmother died, she worked hard to complete and finish the promises with her grandmother and to accompany Ah Bi to grow up. While Xiao Zhao is facing of oppression at the same time also facing the fail ill son, somehow she resist growing from the start, until with autistic son lived together, and learn how to be brave in the face of learning and learn to against the growth behind the sun. 叛逆的小昭少女产子辍学,隔代教育让她无法与婆婆共处,只身到美国打黑工,直到孩子阿B到了入学年龄,才被逼回国。身患绝症的婆婆用心良苦,隐瞒病情,一心希望小昭能在自己有生之年学会承担当母亲的责任,奈何小昭一再闯祸,甚至多翻计划逃离家园,令婆婆心灰意冷。在小昭不顾一切逃回美国当日,婆婆晕倒不省人事,小昭方才发现婆婆的生命正一点一滴消失,无所适从。小昭经历一切后瞬间觉悟,学习扛起责任,陪伴婆婆渡过临终时光。婆婆离世后,她努力完成与婆婆的约定,陪伴阿B成长。小昭同时面对生活压迫和患病的儿子,分寸大乱,她从一开始抗拒成长,肆意任性,直到与自闭儿阿B相依为命,才学会勇敢的面对学习,学着逆着光成长。
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Participating Company (Full name):Metropolitan TV Sdn Bhd Country/Territory:Malaysia
Programme Title:Growth Behind The Sun 逆光成长 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 780 )Min( )Sec ×( 13 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-10-06
Broadcaster:马来西亚 8TV/八度空间 Name:
Director:Jason Kok/ 郭福华 Scriptwriter:Chan Yoke Yeng/ 陈钰莹
Cameraman:Louis Hing/ 王国良
Previous Awards : Producer:Jason Kok/ 郭福华
Jason Kok 郭福华
Chan Yoke Yeng 陈钰莹
Sawyer Leong 梁韶哲
Lo Koon-lan 罗冠兰
Emily Chen 陈子颖