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TV Documentary

Program Name:The Last Potters 最后的土陶艺人

  • Introduction
Kashi, Xinjiang, an important commercial town on the ancient Silk Road. For Zulipu Karl, use pottery to eat is still the most profound childhood memory. But now in the most bustling market in Kashgar, it is difficult to find the figure of pottery. In 2013, a friend introduced Zuolipukaer to be the only apprentice of the old pottery artists, that year, he was 37 years old. Zulipu Karl found that everything here still stay in a few hundred years ago.So he went to Jingdezhen, Luoyang and other places of China to study and do research. He found that the equipment been used in the workshops in the Mainland was both environmentally friendly and convenient. Both the apprentice and the teacher were looking forward to using the same equipment as them in the future. Three years of apprenticeship, Zulipukaer never gived up, trying to introduce pottery art to the modern world. After many failures, he has reached the bottleneck of 40 years old. At this time, a group came to realize the long-cherished dream for both the mentor and the teacher, and reborn the pottery art. 新疆喀什,古代丝绸之路上的重要商镇。对于祖里浦卡尔来说,用土陶吃饭、盛水仍是最深刻的儿时记忆。但是如今在喀什最繁华的市场,也很难见到土陶的身影。 2013年经朋友介绍,祖里浦卡尔成为了老土陶艺人唯一的徒弟,这一年,他37岁。祖里浦卡尔来到老艺人家学陶后,发现这里的一切还停留在几百年前,于是他去景德镇、洛阳等地四处学习调研。他发现,内地工坊用的设备既环保又方便,师徒两时刻盼望着能用上和他们一样的设备。 学徒三年,祖里浦卡尔始终没有放弃,试图为土陶艺术寻找一个通往现代世界的道路。经过多次失败后,已经40岁的他进入了瓶颈期。这个时候,来了一个工作队,为师徒两实现了长久以来的梦想,为维吾尔族的土陶带来了新生......
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Participating Company (Full name):CPTV 中国电力电视台 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:The Last Potters 最后的土陶艺人 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 16 )Min( 02 )Sec ×( 1 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2016-09-09
Broadcaster:中国,中国电力电视台 Name:
Director:刘文龙 Scriptwriter:谢南希
Previous Awards :2017年 第十二届“中电传媒杯”纪录片类一等奖 2016年度“中国电力新闻奖(影视)”二等奖 Producer:吴石光
Cinematography-毕腾飞 Bi Tengfei