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TV Documentary

Program Name:Homecoming 回家

  • Introduction
Each home has different stories to tell and no matter how hard we try to deny, the saying home sweet home is everlastingly true. Come together with Chok Yen Hau and Natalie Ng on the brand new travelogue to discover unique homestays throughout Malaysia; Homecoming. Focused on local culture, seasonal gourmet and highlights of the homecoming trend among the city people in recent years, ‘Homecoming’ is set to discover 13 one-of-a-kind homestays and speciality lodging in Malaysia. Host Chok Yen Hau has always been the on-the-road guy craving for the next adventure, but Natalie Ng being a city girl is about to experience the adventure of her lifetime. Getting to experience the ambience of contented homestays, getting up close and personal with the founders and listen to their inspiring stories. During the journey, they followed the fishing boat and experienced a fisherman’s daily life; they involved in local art and cultural festival held by the homestay owner, they stayed in Bidayuh’s homestay to learn more about the native group of Borneo; they stayed in treehouse and enjoyed a music festival in the rainforest; they jump into second largest lake in east Malaysia which surrounded by rainforest; they dived into the sea to plant artificial coral; and they became volunteers in the world’s only Sun Bear conservation centre. Either it’s under the sea or up on the trees; either connect with the local community or participate in wildlife conservation, these two hosts learned from the different activities offered by each local host according to their lifestyle, idea of life, culture, discoveries, childhood memories, and many more. Life is full of possibilities, let's think again what we want in life, and what we can do to contribute to the place that we call home. 为了生活我们一次又一次出发,走远了走累了,最大的牵挂就是家。 对于在吉隆坡土生土长的小玉来说,城市里的工作和生活几乎就是她日常作息的全部。这一次,她决定跟随国内深度旅游达人左眼(卓衍豪),一同出发,走进老朋友或新朋友的家,聆听主人们的人生故事。 在这趟“回家”的旅程中,他们走遍了马来西亚各个角落,住进13间不同主题特色的民宿,体验13种全然不同的生活。 他们和民宿主人跳上渔船体验渔夫的海上日常;他们参与民宿主人在古城老街举办的文化嘉年华;他们走入山林与河流重新认识婆罗洲的比达友族;他们钻进雨林聆听一场音乐会;他们潜入海底种植人工珊瑚为鱼群打造新家;他们到世界唯一的太阳熊保育中心当志工帮助原本应该住在森林里的太阳熊学习如何重新回家。 或许就像民宿主人Kamo说的:每一次出发,都是为了回家做更多好事。透过这段“回家”的旅程,小玉和左眼都从中找到了属于自己的,回家的意义。
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Participating Company (Full name):Metropolitan TV Sdn Bhd Country/Territory:Malaysia
Programme Title:Homecoming 回家 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 390 )Min( )Sec ×( 13 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2016-09-18
Broadcaster:8TV/ 八度空间 Name:
Director:Rachel Tan Ai Leng/ 陈爱玲 Scriptwriter:
Cameraman:See Chee Kow/ 许志高
Previous Awards : Producer:Bong Jiaxi/ 黄家希
Director-Rachel Tan Ai Leng/ 陈爱玲
Cinematography-See Chee Kow/ 许志高