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TV Drama

Program Name:Bliss Is In The Air 看不見的幸福

  • Introduction
Sham Shui Po District is a densely populated area with the lowest per capita income in Hong Kong and is said to be the poorest community. Five families of ex-mentally ill persons are living in this impoverished community. Faced with the challenges posed by the patients, they are still embracing their conviction that the pursuit of happiness is everyone's hope and right to life. Throughout the film, they explain the family's love, connection, acceptance, resilience and hope. Mental illness is no longer a heavy burden but an opportunity to make family relations more united and cohesive. The harmony of the family, the mutual assistance of neighborhoods and the strong human touch enable you and me to feel again, re-recognize and see the unseen happiness in the community of Sham Shui Po. 深水埗區是一個人煙稠密、全港人均收入最低,被喻為最貧窮的社區。五個精神病康復者家庭:亞B(鄭子誠 飾)、美芳(吳浣儀 飾)、亞祥(高皓正 飾)、黑仔(陸俊賢 飾)及亞昌(杜偉昌 飾)縱然身處這個貧困的社區,亦要面對病患帶來的挑戰,但他們仍緊抱信念,深信追求幸福是每個人對生活的希冀和應有的權利。他們透過電影把家庭的「愛」、「連繫」、「接納」、「抗逆力」及「希望」細膩演繹,娓娓道來。精神病不再是一個沉重負擔,而是一個契機,令家庭關係更見團結、凝聚力更強。家庭的和諧美滿、鄰里間守望相助、濃厚的人情味,使你和我,重新感受,重新認識,看見深水埗社區中看不見的幸福。
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Participating Company (Full name):沁間影畫 Country/Territory:Hongkong
Programme Title:Bliss Is In The Air 看不見的幸福 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 80 )Min( )Sec ×( )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-12-15
Broadcaster:HK Name:
Director:Pako Leung梁柏豪 Scriptwriter:Pako Leung, Matthew Mok
Previous Awards : Producer:新生精神復康會
潘芳芳Pan Fangfang
鄭子誠Zheng Zicheng
吳浣儀Wu Huanyi&潘芳芳Pan Fangfang
陸俊賢Lu Junxian&潘瑤Pan Yao
高皓正 Gao Haozheng