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TV Entertainment Programme

Program Name:Ah Ma Can Cook

  • Introduction
Grandma’s treasured recipes are no longer a secret! Channel 8’s brand new real-time cooking series, “Ah Ma Can Cook”, will feature one different Ah Ma every week, where she showcases her culinary skills and demonstrates cooking her specialty dish through fun and lively interactions with the hosts. Host Kym Ng will pair with different male artistes to learn from each Ah Ma. While Ah Ma cooks, the duo will be observing her unique cooking patterns and habits, mastering her secret recipes, and at the same time, getting to know more about Ah Ma. In each episode, a celebrity chef will act as referee to pinpoint hosts’ mistakes and correct their errors. He will also analyze and explain Ah Ma’s cooking methods in laymen terms for our audience. Who can whip up dishes closest to Ah Ma’s original taste? The final decision lies with Ah Ma! Ah Ma’s family, friends and celebrity chef will be on the judging panel to decide Ah Ma’s successor for the week as well. Is Yong Tau Foo your favorite hawker dish? 65-year-old Hakka yong tau foo stall owner Nancy is here to teach us the easiest and most efficient way to master this dish! Host Kym Ng learns the steps quickly, while amateur cook Desmond Ng encounters difficulties and accidentally cut his own finger while slicing ingredients! Will he be able to complete the dish in time for food tasting session? 阿嬷的味道,你无法抗拒! 阿嬷做的菜,你我的最爱! 8频道《阿嬷来做饭》是全新实况趣味的烹饪节目。每集节目将邀请一位阿嬷示范拿手料理,并传承她的好厨艺。由主持人鐘琴搭配不同的男嘉宾主持人,同步跟着阿嬷一起下厨做菜,过程中观察阿嬷烹调的独特方式与习惯、领受她无价的真传,将阿嬷的家传菜肴发扬光大。 现场也会邀请一位名厨,以专业的角度、多年的经验,分析阿嬷的步骤,并担任裁判的角色,点评两位学徒主持人的厨艺,纠正他们所犯下的错误。 究竟哪一位主持人能烹调出最接近阿嬷的味道?最后结果将由阿嬷本人来定夺。阿嬷的亲友团和名厨也会在现场试菜,一起选出该集的“阿嬷接班人”。 婚前完全不会下厨,结果婚后遭婆家嫌弃!陈元蓉因此发奋学煮,练就一身好手艺,还当起了小贩,一做就做了30多年。 65岁的她,已到了退休年龄,却为了要照顾弱智的养女,不得不继续忙碌赚钱,目前在荷兰通道的熟悉中心卖客家酿豆腐,每天凌晨1点就要开始备菜。 客家酿豆腐的步骤看似简单,但制作馅料和酿入馅料的过程,仍十分讲究技巧。主持人鐘琴和男嘉宾黄振隆是否能顺利完成这道菜呢?
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Participating Company (Full name):Mediacorp Pte Ltd Country/Territory:Singapore
Programme Title:Ah Ma Can Cook Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 46 )Min( 00 )Sec ×( 13 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-09-20
Broadcaster:Mediacorp, Channel 8 Name:
Director:Gan Bee Khim Scriptwriter:Seow Zi Xian
Previous Awards :The 1st Asia Rainbow TV Awards Best Game& Quiz Show -- 小兵迎大将 (Gate Keepers) Director : Elaine See Best Infotainment -- 心晴大动员2 (Life Transformers II) Director: Gan Bee Khim Producer:Elaine See
Programme Hostess - Kym Ng