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TV Drama

Program Name:DECODED 解密

  • Introduction
新中国建国初期,X国派出以代号“觉醒者”为首的特务组织潜入我国,启用一部代号为“紫密”的高级密码进行联络,因我方无法破译密码,使得特务们的行动愈发隐蔽和猖狂。特别单位701破译处处长郑当奉命在全国搜罗各类天才,为破译“紫密”乃至代表最高智力水平的“黑密”补充新鲜力量,有着特殊数学天赋的“傻瓜天才”容金珍等人被发掘进入了701。在与敌斗争中,容金珍和其战友不仅要经历战火的历练、智慧的较量,更要经受爱情、友谊、背叛等一系列的人性考验。容金珍他们不仅要解开如天书般的密码,更要解开藏在每个人心底的秘密。能够战胜天才的,只有天才自己。解密过程中,他们得到了成长,更完成了自我救赎。 During the funding of New China, Country X sent a spy service led by “The Awaker” stealing into China, using an advanced code named “Purple Secret” for delivering information. The fact that the Chinese could not decipher the code, has helped the team of “The Awaker” became more and more secret and furious in China. Dang Zheng, the deputy director of Decoding Department special unit 701, was assigned to recruit talents around the country to study the decoding of “Purple secret” and even more complicated “Black Secret”. Talent like JinzhenRong with special math gift were discovered for 701. During the fight with enemies, JinzhenRong and her war-mate not only experienced continuous cruel training, intense challenge, but also a series of human testing such as love, friendship and betray. JinzhenRong themselves not only needed to decode the complicated information, but also to find the truth that was hidden in everyone’s heart. The one who can defeat talent is the talent himself. During the decoding, they grew and worked with even completed self-redemption
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Participating Company (Full name): Huace Media&TV Co.,LTD 浙江华策影视股份有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:DECODED 解密 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 45 )Min( 33 )Sec ×( 41 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2016-06-20
Broadcaster:中国大陆 湖南卫视 china hunanTV Name:
Director:安建 An jian Scriptwriter:冯骥 Feng ji
Cameraman:江兆文 Jiang zhaowen
Previous Awards :2016.11第十二届中美电影节“金天使奖”十大优秀电视剧,十大优秀导演 2017浙江省电视剧牡丹奖 Producer:罗君辉Luo junhui 谢琪Xie qi
Feng ji冯 骥
An jian 安建
Cheney Chen陈学冬
Jing chao 经超
Ann 安以轩