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TV Entertainment Programme

Program Name:Oh My Heroes!

  • Introduction
Channel 8's brand new info - reality programme "Oh My Heroes!" will be heading around Singapore to discover the hidden heroes who are secretly helping the needy and doing a part for charity without asking for anything in return. In this small city of Singapore, there are many people around like the heroes in the movies, who are kind hearted and willing to go an extra mile for people whom aren't related to them. This programme will walk audiences through Singapore, discovering these hidden Heroes. 在新加坡这小小的城市里,总有着许多未知的好人好事。他们本着一颗善良的心默默为需要的人付出,从不张扬也不求回报,有如电影里的超人。本节目将带大家走入新加坡民间,挖掘这群鲜为人知的超人英雄。每一集两位主持人Pornsak和黄振隆将亲身了解与体验1 - 2位超人英雄的辛劳,并介绍他们的动人故事。
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Participating Company (Full name):Mediacorp Pte Ltd Country/Territory:Singapore
Programme Title:Oh My Heroes! Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 23 )Min( 00 )Sec ×( 10 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-10-24
Broadcaster:Mediacorp, Channel 8 Name:
Director:Kang Lay See Scriptwriter:Lim Kar Yee
Previous Awards :The 1st Asia Rainbow TV Awards Best Game& Quiz Show -- 小兵迎大将 (Gate Keepers) Director : Elaine See Best Infotainment -- 心晴大动员2 (Life Transformers 2) Director: Kang Lay See / Scriptwriter: Lim Kar Yee Producer:Elaine See