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TV Drama

Program Name:Bergus Chan in Trip Zone

  • Introduction
These stories about the adventures of Bergus Chan the rabbit, and his friends. Featuring a mesmerizingly idiosyncratic combination of low-fi live action video and animation, Bergus Chan tells the story of a talking rabbit and adventurer. He meets Junna, a mysterious girl in Italy, and Junna has a time-machine. Together they travel to the past era of Thailand, to the legendary Japanese lost city of Siam. There they find a treasure map…
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Participating Company (Full name):L-ARTS LLP & PAUL DELON Country/Territory:Japan
Programme Title:Bergus Chan in Trip Zone Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 35 )Min( 15 )Sec ×( 4 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:June 1, 2016
Broadcaster:Tsutaya T-SITE Name:
Director:Yoshimasa Higashi Scriptwriter:Yoshimasa Higashi
Cameraman:Higashi & Haoyang
Previous Awards :The Short Version exists and it got some award and official screening. (The Short Version title: “Bergus Chan”) FILM AND MEDIA SHOWCASE: CINEWORKS | WIFTV | DOC BC Official Screening / 2016 (Canada) International Kansk Video Festival Special Diploma / 2016 (Russia) Producer:L-ARTS LLP & Paul Delon