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TV Entertainment Programme

Program Name:Men’s View: Niu Ben, the Flower Grandpa 男人世界-花样爷爷牛犇

  • Introduction
他是一位赢得了中国几代观众共同喜爱的电影演员;他是一位11岁走上影坛、80多岁还活跃在荧幕上的追梦人;他是新中国电影发展史上的铺路石与见证人;他就是《男人世界》栏目嘉宾、著名表演艺术家牛犇。 牛犇是生在天津,是土生土长的老天津卫,并恰逢牛犇荣获第31届中国电影金鸡奖终身成就奖,为此我们精心策划牛犇爷爷携夫人、儿孙一家三代重归故里寻根,制作了《花样爷爷牛犇》(上中下)和《花样爷爷哏都寻根》四期节目。《花样爷爷牛犇》第一期主题是牛犇爷爷的电影人生,讲述他如何饰演一辈子小角色到艺术家的故事。第二期的主题是牛犇爷爷的浪漫爱情,传递“执子之手,与子偕老”,迈向钻石婚的幸福秘诀。第三期节目主题手工达人牛爷爷,表现艺术家牛犇的另类生活。《花样爷爷哏都寻根》以《男人世界》旅行团的形式,带领牛犇爷爷全家寻找儿时味道,感受津味文化。 He is a movie actor who endears himself to the audience from several generations; He is a dream seeker who debuted when he was 11 and is still on the stage under over 80 years old age. He is the keystone and eyewitness of developing history of New China movie industry; He is the guest of Man’s View, the famous movie artist, Niu Ben. Niu Ben was born in Tianjin, a indigenous Tianjinese. This year he won the lifetime achievement award of the 31th Chinese Movie Golden Rooster Award. We well planned a TV show for him and his family. He took his wife and his all other family members to come back to his hometown, Tianjin for this interview. This show contains four parts, which is Men’s view: Niu Ben, the Flower Grandpa, (including 1st, 2nd and 3rd episode) and Men’s view:A Tracing Roots Travel of Flower Grandpa. The 1st episode of Men’s view: Niu Ben, the Flower Grandpa shows the movie life of Niu Ben’s, a story about a ‘small potato’ growing up to a movie artist. The 3nd episode tells us a romantic love story of him, giving us a hint of how to keep marriage fresh and happy to move forward to the diamond marriage. The third episode shows us a talent craftsman, an alternative life of the artist, Niu Ben. Men’s view: A Tracing Roots Travel of Flower Grandpa are organized as a travel group of Man’s View, took Niu Ben and his family to find his childhood memory, to experience the culture of Tianjin.
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Participating Company (Full name):Tianjin Radio and Television 天津广播电视台 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Men’s View: Niu Ben, the Flower Grandpa 男人世界-花样爷爷牛犇 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 35 )Min( 00 )Sec ×( 4 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-06-23
Broadcaster:天津广播电视台 Tianjin Radio and Television Name:
Director:王晓燕 Wang Xiaoyan Scriptwriter:王晓燕 Wang Xiaoyan
Cameraman:科教频道摄像组 camera team of TJTV-6
Previous Awards : Producer:陈军 Chen Jun