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TV Animation

Program Name:Emmy & GooRoo艾米咕噜

  • Introduction
Emmy is our brave little hero. She is a 5-year-old girl and the only human little girl in the whole forest, which makes her extra special! Emmy loves exploring the fantastical world she lives in. GooRoo, a big, furry and huggable creature, takes care of her whenthey go out to play. They live together in a cute little house at the edge of the Magic Forest. Their world is full of fabulous creatures, such as animals and plants that can talk, dance...and even cook! Every day brings a brand new adventure and exiting challenges for Emmy and GooRoo to seek out and overcome in this inviting world. 勇敢又富有创造力的小女孩艾米今年5岁啦,她和做研究学者的爸爸妈妈一起,住在神奇的魔法森林里。艾米是这里唯一的人类小孩,她虽然没有魔法,却总能用奇妙的创意来帮助森林里的魔法伙伴。咕噜是艾米最好的伙伴,他大大的个子,毛茸茸的好好抱!他们一起住在森林边缘的一栋可爱的小屋里,咕噜总是和艾米一起玩耍。 听说…小山要换牙?!明天要下草莓雨! 植物们会说话、会跳舞!每一块石头下,每一棵树梢上都有着数不尽的小秘密等着艾米和咕噜去发现。
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Participating Company (Full name):上海左袋文化传播有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Emmy & GooRoo艾米咕噜 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 11 )Min( 00 )Sec ×( 52 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-7-18
Broadcaster:China,network国、网络 Name:
Director:缪磊 Miulei、于新Yuxin、唐郎 Tanglang Scriptwriter:朱丽莉Zhulili、徐玮苗Xuweimiao、熊翔婷Xiongxiangting、吴陈昕Wuchenxin
Previous Awards :2014年 法国戛纳MIP JUNIOR INTERNATION PITCH冠军 2014年 KIDSCREEN EAST东方儿童屏幕学龄前儿童PITCHIT大奖 2014年 上海电视节亚洲动画创投会十佳入围&佳创意大奖 2015年 中国动画美猴奖动画形象银奖 2015年 深圳动漫节中国十大卡通形象金奖 2015年 CCG EXPO新生力量动漫原创大赛最佳人气原创动画奖 2015年 中国动漫游戏创投奖动漫类大奖 2017年 厦门国际动漫节金海豚奖最佳动画奖入围奖 2017年 意大利海湾动画节展映单元 2017年 入选西班牙carton360 作为开幕影片 The winner of the MIP Junior International Pitch 2014 The first prize at the International Kidscreen East Pitch-It Event Golden Prize for Top 10 Chinese Animated Image 2015 Selected in 2015 National Animation Brand Building and Protecting Plan Producer:Xin Yu,于新 Zhangweiyu张薇玉 Wangchaoyue王超岳