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TV Documentary

Program Name:The Garbage Valley(Climate Change Monster)

  • Introduction
Kashmir is renowned for its beauty, pristine peaks, virgin meadows and cascading rivers. Where ever you look there is something beautiful to praise. But is this the only truth???? There is another ugly facet of Kashmir. Where on this planet would you find garbage flowing away with glacial waters? Clogging the beautiful streams and ruining the pristine natural surroundings. This is the truth that we are face to face with. Kashmir is losing its virginity to human greed and waste. Kashmir with its mounds of garbage lying here and there is becoming a methane-producing factory. The methane gas in larger quantities is very harmful to the humans, animals and environment as a whole. Garbage coming from our houses which is nothing but waste. This is the notion that has been accepted by everyone. This Documentary wants to change this belief and highlights that this garbage can be converted into useful manure, which can enrich the agricultural productivity. Waste is a resource. This Documentary highlights how this Kashmir valley, which is known as Heaven on earth, has been converted into a Garbage valley, which is really a great disaster for the Environment and is responsible for the Climate change of this beautiful valley. Waste is not an issue for one person but a menace for the society as a whole.
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Participating Company (Full name):EMMRC ( Educational Multimedia Research Centre), University of Kashmir Country/Territory:India
Programme Title:The Garbage Valley(Climate Change Monster) Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 26 )Min( 48 )Sec ×( )Episode First Broadcasting Date:
Broadcaster: Name:
Director:Er. Abdul Rashid Bhat Scriptwriter:Benish ali
Cameraman:Hilal Ahmad, Gulzar & Fayaz Ahamd
Previous Awards : Producer:Er. Abdul Rashid Bhat
Director-Er. Abdul Rashid Bhat