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TV Drama

Program Name: ER Doctors 急诊科医生

  • Introduction
《急诊科医生》故事梗概 急救医学博导江晓琪美国学成归来,到燕京大学国际医院急诊科工作,很快凭着高超医术和对患者人性的关怀在医院上下赢得了很多年轻同事的崇拜。急诊科最具学术权威的主任医生何建一对江晓琪抱着审视的目光。而一直觊觎急诊科主任位置的副主任医生刘慧敏,却对江晓琪的做派各种不满。急诊科虽然三足鼎立,但三个主任医师面对患者却从不马虎,凭着他们对医疗事业的热爱,凭着他们的仁心仁术,带领着急诊科整个团队,每天奔波在抢救室和手术台上,挽救了一个又一个挣扎在死亡线上的病人。江晓琪与何建一在工作中,看到对方的善良、能力和医术,也看到了自己的不足,两个人不断被对方改变着并渐生情愫。最后,何建一和江晓琪克服重重困难,赢得了所有人的祝福,有情人终成眷属。 Synopsis of Emergency Department Doctors Jiang Xiaoqi, a returned Emergency Medicine Doctoral Tutor from the United States, joins the Emergency Department of the International Hospital of Yanjing University. With her superb medical skills and humanistic care for the patients, she soon wins the admiration of many young colleagues. He Jianyi, a Chief Physician with the most academic authority in the Emergency Department, views Jiang Xiaoqi with a scrutinizing eye. Associate Chief Physician Liu Huimin who has been coveting the position of Executive Director of the Department, finds all sorts of flaws and dissatisfaction with Jiang Xiaoqi’s style. In spite of the tripartite confrontation situation, the three Chief Physicians are never perfunctory when facing patients. Their love and dedication to the medical cause, their kind-heartedness and professional competence enable them to lead the entire Emergency Department team to save one after another patients who are struggling for life. They hustle between the resuscitation room and the operating table every day. As time goes by, Jiang Xiaoqi and He Jianyi discover each other's kindness, ability and medical skills, as well as their own deficiencies. They are constantly influenced and changed by the other party. Mutual affection gradually burgeon and grow. In the end, He Jianyi and Jiang Xiaoqi overcome numerous difficulties and win the blessings of all. The lovers finally get married happily.
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Participating Company (Full name):Dongyang Le Flower Film and TV Co.,Ltd. 东阳市乐视花儿影视文化有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title: ER Doctors 急诊科医生 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( )Min( )Sec ×( )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-11-30
Broadcaster:北京卫视BTV 东方卫视 DRAGON TV 优酷YOUKU 腾讯TENCENT 爱奇艺IQIYI 搜狐SOHU Name:
Director: Zheng XiaoLong 郑晓龙 Liu XueSong 刘雪松 Scriptwriter:Juan Zi 娟子
Cameraman: Song Wei 宋伟 Yu Fei 于飞
Previous Awards : Producer:Cao Ping 曹平
Scriptwriter-Juan Zi
Leading Actress-Wang Luodan
Supporting Actress-Jiang Shan
Leading Actor- Zhang Jiayi
Director-Zheng Xiaolong