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Program Name:Child Martyr “Little Turnip Head” 小箩卜头

  • Introduction
Red "xiaoluobutou" animated series based on the Anti Japanese War, the minimum age China xiaoluobutou revolutionary martyr Song Zhenzhong, about his rough life in prison. In the hard environment and the cruel oppression of the enemy, xiaoluobutou still keep the heart's thirst for knowledge, yearning for freedom, loyalty to the revolution, staged a battle of wits with the enemy, and the suffering of Comrade Gan, and the fate of indomitable story, once again awakened all teenagers and even for the ideal diligently the pursuit of revolutionary martyrs to the great and profound memory of the realization of national rejuvenation, complete the "Chinese dream filled with blood". Around the "95th anniversary party" theme, the animation to guide people to establish and adhere to a correct view of history, ethnic view, national view, to carry forward the great spirit of the war, inspire patriotic enthusiasm, to promote the "four comprehensive" strategic layout to gather up the united struggle of Chinese power, has very important significance. 红色动画连续剧《小萝卜头》取材于抗日战争以来,中国年龄最小的革命烈士小萝卜头——宋振中,讲述了他在监狱里的坎坷一生。在艰苦的环境和敌人残酷的压迫下,小萝卜头依然保持着心中对知识的渴求,对自由的向往,对革命的忠贞,上演了一出出与敌人斗智斗勇,与同志共苦同甘,与命运百折不屈的故事,再一次唤醒青少年乃至所有人对于理想的孜孜追求和对伟大革命先烈的深刻缅怀,以满腔热血实现对国家完整复兴的“中国梦”。围绕“建党95周年”的主题,动画引导人们树立和坚持正确的历史观、民族观、国家观,对于弘扬伟大抗战精神、激发爱国热情、为推进“四个全面”战略布局凝聚起团结奋斗的中国力量,具有十分重要的意义。
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Participating Company (Full name):Jiangsu Enlight Media 江苏光线传媒有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Child Martyr “Little Turnip Head” 小箩卜头 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 13 )Min( 0 )Sec ×( 52 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-11-15
Broadcaster:CCTV Beijing Name:
Director:HaIBo Wang 王海波 Scriptwriter:HaIBo Wang 王海波
Cameraman:YuFeng Li 李玉峰
Previous Awards :2016年10月获国家广电总局百部中国梦题材优秀动画片;2017年7月获国家广电总局第一季度国产优秀动画片。 In October 2016, I was awarded the excellent animation of the Chinese dream theme by the state administration of radio, film and television. In July, 2017, the state administration of radio, film and television (sarft) made excellent animation in the first quarter. Producer:HaIBo Wang 王海波