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TV Documentary

Program Name:Bangkit

  • Introduction
What happened when a country was hit by a natural disaster? How did the country pull itself out of the wreckage when thousands of life were lost, and million of homes destroyed? In Bangkit, Khai Saharom and 3 Singaporean Relief Workers journey back to 3 Asian countries to investigate the most heart-breaking stories of losses and survival. 当一个国家遭受如何承受自然灾害?当数千人丧生,万户房屋被毁坏的时候,国家是如何摆脱这纠结? 在Bangkit,主持人Khai Saharom和3名新加坡救援人员再次踏上3个遭受天灾的亚洲国家,一起回顾那历经沧桑的地方,探访幸存者,听听他们令人心碎的遭遇和生存的故事。
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Participating Company (Full name):Xtreme Media Pte Ltd Country/Territory:Singapore
Programme Title:Bangkit Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 44 )Min( )Sec ×( 3 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-03-14
Broadcaster:SIngapore, Mediacorp Suria Channel Name:
Director:Loh Kok Hong 骆国锋,Joyce Lee 李秀利 Scriptwriter:Loh Kok Hong 骆国锋,Joyce Lee 李秀利,Umie Isa
Cameraman:Bezner Lim 林伟健
Previous Awards : Producer:William Lim 林伟廉, Ho Choon Hiong 何俊雄