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TV Documentary

Program Name:Ode to My Family

  • Introduction
"At the 20th Reunion of Separated Families of the Two Koreas in October 2015, Ms. Lee Sun Gyu and her son Mr. Oh Jang Gyun enjoyed a dramatic reunion with their husband and father Mr. Oh In Se from North Korea. For just 12 hours spread over 6 sessions in 3 days, the elderly couple reunited after 65 years, having been separated only 7 months into their marriage. The reunion of a family torn apart because of the Korean War was nothing short of a miracle. The painful and despondent wait without an end… The now elderly mother and son still await their husband and father’s return. How many more years must they endure before they can see him again? What does “family” mean to this mother and son?"
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Participating Company (Full name):MBC Chungbuk Country/Territory:Korea
Programme Title:Ode to My Family Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 89 )Min( )Sec ×( )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-04-28
Broadcaster:MBC Chungbuk Name:
Director:Kyu Ik OH Scriptwriter:Hae Shin CHOI
Cameraman:Tae Gyu IM
Previous Awards : Producer:Kyu Ik OH