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TV Documentary

Program Name:The most beautiful Shangluo 最美商洛

  • Introduction
The scenery telefilm ,Beautiful Shangluo, lasts 25 minutes, presenting the enchanting natural beauties, unique customs and profound historical culture of Shangluo. 旅游风光纪录片《最美商洛》时长25分钟。全景展现了陕西商洛各旅游景点雄奇瑰丽的自然风光和商山洛水独具特色的风土人情及厚重的历史文化 Having overcome many difficulties,the crew travelled almost every scenic spots in Shangluo and spent a whole year in making the film. Since rocking shafts and helicopters were used while shooting, the great changes of Shangluo City are perfectly unfolded and a unique watching experience is provided. 该片由商洛广播电视台历时一年精心打造,足迹遍及商洛的山山水水,克服重重困难,历经春夏秋冬不同季节的艰辛拍摄,并首次将机械臂拍摄与直升机航拍等拍摄手法相结合,用常人难以体验的独特视角,多角度、多层次展现了商洛丰富多彩的变迁。
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Participating Company (Full name):Shangluo Radio and Television Station商洛广播电视台 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:The most beautiful Shangluo 最美商洛 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 25 )Min( )Sec ×( )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2016-08-31
Broadcaster:Shangluo Shanxi radio and television station陕西省商洛市广播电视台 Name:
Director:Lixin Wang王立昕 Scriptwriter:Simin Zha查斯敏
Cameraman:Yanqi Li李彦奇
Previous Awards :2016年9月 荣获第九届中国旅游电视周二等奖 Producer:Wenchao Gong巩文超
Director/导演-王立昕Lixin Wang
Cinematography/摄像-李彦奇Yanqi Li