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TV Animation

Program Name: Xin Nian新年来啦

  • Introduction
中国民俗原创动画系列《新年来啦》,根植于中国优秀传统文化,将中华民族最重要的传统节日——“新年”、“除夕”辅以“十二生肖”的元素贯穿全片,并与“中国梦”的时代主题相结合,创意性地将节日的抽象代表“拟人化”,场设和人设围绕主题进行二维到三维的艺术设计,人物塑造鲜明,情节饱满,充分利用幽默生动的动漫表现手法深入浅出的讲述关于中国传统文化如新年、除夕、龙抬头、端午等故事,传递小伙伴之间正直、诚实、勇敢、善良、友爱的正能量,加深青少年对于民族精神的认知,培养其向上的爱国情怀,同时整部影片坚持“100%净化”的制作流程,无论是剧本创意、剧情设定,还是片中人物都确保“零暴力、无粗口”,是一部令家长放心的绿色动画片。 The original Series animation of Chinese Folk Custom "Xin Nian's Coming" is rooted in the excellent Chinese traditional culture. The New Year and New Year's eve including the Chinese zodiac are the most important elements of Chinese traditional festivals. These elements are taken the most advantages with extrodianary creative thinking to make the festivals personalized in this animation. Scenes and characters are made from 2D to 3D with vivid features and solid story. The whole story goes around these core elements or personalized characters, through whose eyes this animation tries to lead our kids to learn about our excellent traditional cultures like New Year, New Year's eve, Dragon Heads-raising Day and Dragon Boat Festival etc,. In the meanwhile, by telling an inspring story filled with humor, this animation is going to come across good qualities like integrity, honesty, courage, kindness and harmony among the society, planting the junior's acknowledgement of national spirit and the patriotic feelings. The whole animation insists 100% pure production process, which means either the originality of the script, the plot or the the characters appearing in the animation enures "zero violence, zero rough words", making the animation green initiative and relieving for all the parents
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Participating Company (Full name): Beijing Guoshijingwei Technology Co., Ltd北京国是经纬科技股份有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title: Xin Nian新年来啦 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 13 )Min( 00 )Sec ×( 26 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-01-26
Broadcaster:HNTV海南电视台青少频道 Name:
Director:刘江妹 Liu Jiangmei Scriptwriter:彭旖璨 Peng Yican
Cameraman:王礴 Wang Bo
Previous Awards :1、入选 2015年“原动力”中国原创动漫扶持计划;Candidate of "Original Drive" China's Original Animation Supporting Project of year 2015 2、入选2015年国家重点文化产业项目藏羌彝文化产业走廊重点项目类;Candidate of national major cultural industrial projects the Zang-Qiang-Yi Cultural Industry Corridor Key Projects of year 2015 3、入选2015年弘扬社会主义核心价值观动漫扶持计划创意类项目;Candidate of Promoting Core Socialist Values Animation Creativity Supporting Project of year 2015 4、2015年入选国家动漫企业项目资源库项目;Candidate of National Animation Enterprise Repository Project of year 2015 5、2015年入选财政部文化创意发展专项;Candidate of Ministry's Cutural Creativity Development Specific Project of year 2015 6、获国家广电总局推荐2015年季度优秀国产电视动画片;Awarded the Excellent Domestic TV Animation of year 2015 by The State Administration of Radio Film and Television of China (SARFT) 7、获国家广电总局2015年优秀国产动画片三等奖;Awarded the third prize of the Excellent Domestic TV Animation of year 2015 by The State Administration of Radio Film and Television of China (SARFT) 8、2016年获中国国际动漫节“金猴奖”最具潜力奖提名奖:Candidate of the most potential prize of 2016 china international animation festival "the Golden Monkey" 9、获2016年“新光奖”第五届国际原创动漫大赛最佳动画系列片奖入围奖;Candidate of the fifth international original animation competition "Xinguang Prize" the most excellent animation series in 2016 10、获2016年国产动画年度优秀奖、获星光原创动漫大赛入选最佳形象;Awarded the annual excellent domestic animation of year 2016 and the candidate of the most excellent character prize of "Xinguang Original Animation Competition" 11、入选2017年文化产业发展专项资金重大项目入项目库等殊荣;Candidate of national cutural industrial development specific foundation for the major projects of year 2017 Producer:冯玉丽 Feng Yuli