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TV Entertainment Programme

Program Name:Yummy Journey 星厨集结号

  • Introduction
《星厨集结号》是由元纯传媒制作的真正原创、专注新意、制作精良的大型明星创意美食真人秀节目。节目以新模式、新玩法、新面孔与观众见面 ,倾力打造完全原创、没有“背景”的中国特色节目。 《星厨集结号》从观众的喜好出发,聚焦最契合观众心意的题材,抓住时下人们最喜爱的“旅游”和“美食”两大主题,打造一场“我带着你,你开着车,四五好友集群,尽享天下美景,尝遍各地美食”的节目。姜武、安琥作为常驻主持,共集结36位明星好友踏上旅途,寻找中国民间的奇珍美味,走过全国9个历史名地。将中华博大精深的文化及丰富的地理人文与地方美食结合展现给观众。传统文化、地理人文、风土人情与美食“水乳交融”、相得益彰。 Yummy Journey is a large original and innovative reality TV show of TV stars’ creative cuisine, produced by Yuan Chun Media.The debut was on October 21, 2016. It was broadcasted not only on Tianjin TV and Southeast TV, two big TV channels of north and south, but also the entire network. The program shows the audience with new format, new style, and new faces, dedicating to creating an entirely original reality TV show with Chinese characteristics. To focuse on the best fit subject, Yummy Journey chose travel and food, two most favorable themes in current China, based on the audiance’s favor. So the program is about friends gathered together and drove themseleves to travel around China and enjoy learning and tasting special local delicacy. Jiang Wu and An Hu are hosts of the program.They have invited 36 friends as well as stars to travel and seek folk rare delicacy. And they have been to nine historical places, including Baoding of Hubei province, Laizhou of Shandong province, Chifeng of Inner Mongolia, Yongding of Fujian province, Yangzhou of Jiangsu province and so on. The program intergrates great and profound Chinese culture, geographic humanity with local delicacy, showing audience inner connections of culture and food.
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Participating Company (Full name):Yuanchun Media 北京元纯传媒有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Yummy Journey 星厨集结号 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 77 )Min( 0 )Sec ×( 14 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2016-10-21
Broadcaster:Mainland China、中国大陆 Tianjin TV Southeast 天津卫视、东南卫视 Name:
Director:HUANG JIANPING、黄建平 Scriptwriter:LIU SHUIBO/FANG ZHIJIE、刘水波、方志杰
Cameraman:SHEN XUWEI、申旭伟
Previous Awards :《星厨集结号》于2017年4月22日,在2017(第四届)中国媒体创新论坛上,获得“2016年度“影响中国传媒”创新栏目荣誉”。 Producer:ZHU XIAOKE、XU WEN 朱晓可、徐雯