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TV Documentary

Program Name:Little Town Radio

  • Introduction
The average age of residents at Pungjeong-ri is 77 and the youngest resident is 58. The 36 senior citizens living here now have "Pungjeong Radio," a mini FM broadcast set up for them in the village. With all the youth gone to the city and their lives busy with farm work, these elders didn’t have much cause for joy. But with their own village radio, they can reminisce on old memories, share stories from their days as newlyweds and let out the burdens caused by personal misfortunes. Now there is laughter throughout the village because people talk about the radio when they meet. They also comfort each other for their pain. With more things to share, it's as if they've returned to their youthful days when the village used to be bustling. "Pungjeong Radio" was an unexpected guest that warmed their hearts.
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Participating Company (Full name):TBC (Taegu Broadcasting Corporation) Country/Territory:Korea
Programme Title:Little Town Radio Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 52 )Min( 8 )Sec ×( 00 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-05-30
Broadcaster:TBC (Taegu Broadcasting Corporation Name:
Director:Wondal PARK Scriptwriter:Eunjung LEE
Cameraman:Wansub HWANG
Previous Awards :Korean Broadcasting Awards in Local TV Documentary (2017) Korean Broadcasting Awards in Local TV Director (2017) Producer:Wondal PARK
Director - Wondal PARK