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TV Drama

Program Name:Surgeons 外科风云

  • Introduction
外科风云 新城仁和医院,护士张淑梅被质疑用错药导致病人死亡被迫离开岗位,4岁女儿被人贩拐,张淑梅精神恍惚两年后选择了自杀。美籍华裔外科专家庄恕为追查30年前母亲张淑梅的事故真相找寻走失的妹妹来到新城仁和医院。当年死者的女儿陆晨曦士师从傅博文成长为胸外科主治医生,却因反感利益为先屡次得罪胸外科主任扬帆被调至急诊。是庄恕屡次把技能过硬的陆晨曦重新带回胸外手术台。朝夕相处中,庄恕的医术让陆晨曦惊叹,对患者的周到考虑也让陆晨曦反思,二人渐生情愫,最终,庄恕找回了妹妹,也在陆晨曦的协助下还原了当年母亲当年事故的真相。 Surgeons 30 years ago, nurse ShuMei ZHANG was being questioned and take the full responsibility for a horrible medical accident. Sooner her 4 years old daughter went missing, ShuMei couldn't hold all these pressure and decide to suicide and leave her son behind. 30 years later, Shu ZHUANG, which is ShuMei’s son come back from the US as a very successful doctor. He come back to find his missing sister, and he vowed to find out the truth about that medical accident in 30 years ago, because he knew his mother was innocent. For that, he starts to work in the hospital that his mom used work in, during the investigation, he meets a smart young doctor ChenXi LU, who unexpectedly happened to be the patient that suffer from the medical accident in 30 years ago’s daughter. When the time Shu ZHUANG found out that, he already falling love with her. He is struggle that whether he should tell ChenXi LU who he really is, or keep that as a secret from her. At the meantime, his investigate also not went well. But, now, he need to make a decision.
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Participating Company (Full name):DAYLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT 东阳正午阳光影视有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Surgeons 外科风云 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 45 )Min( 00 )Sec ×( 44 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-04-17
Broadcaster:China/中国 BTV/北京卫视 ZJSTV/浙江卫视 Tencent/腾讯视频 Name:
Director:LI Xue/李雪 Scriptwriter:ZHU Zhu/朱朱
Cameraman:YANG Jun/杨军
Previous Awards :/ Producer:HOU Hongliang/侯鸿亮
JIN Dong 靳东
BAI Baihe 白百何
LI Jiahang 李佳航
LAN Yingying 蓝盈莹