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TV Drama

Program Name:TOP Medico高能医少

  • Introduction
自小在孤儿院长大的华一龙,为了替孤儿院的孩子治病,考入全国顶尖的医学院,并在这里结识了魔鬼导师段添城、跆拳道女孩栗小草、“学霸”楚枫、农村来的郝开心和“富二代”权美秀。几个性格各异的医学生朝夕相对,发生了一系列有趣的故事,华一龙获得了伙伴们珍贵的友谊,与栗小草的恋情也逐渐发展;在与魔鬼导师段添城的各种对决下,华一龙和死党们迅速成长,懂得了作为医生的职责,也坚定了学医的决心,他和段添城的关系也从相互对抗到相互认同。最终在伙伴们的帮助下,华一龙帮助段添城完成了难度极高的脑干海绵状血管瘤手术,挽救了老师的生命。他也从一个对医学一无所知的倔强少年成长成为一名合格的医学生。 Huayilong who grew up in orphanage has admitted to national top medical in order to address the health issues of other orphans. He got along well with students in the medical school especially the devil supervisor Duan Tiancheng, taekwondo girl LI Xiaocao, nerdy Chu Feng , countryside boy HAO Kaixin and the silver-spoon kid QUAN Meixiu. They sticked together all day long therefore a series of interesting stories occurred during college time. Huayilong has not only harvested friendship but also a relationship with Lixiaocao. Under the pressure of the devil supervisor, Huayilong and his fellows have developed professional skills proficiently. It has emphasised their determination of completing medical degree and responsibilities of being a medical doctor. Meanwhile, Huayilong and Duantiancheng became frienemy for all the evidence. At the very end, Huayilong performed a surgical intervention termed brainstem cavernous malformations of Duantiancheng with the help of his fellows. Eventually Huayilong saved Duan’s life. This is how Huayilong became a highly proficient medical student from a stubborn freshman.
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Participating Company (Full name): iQIYI 爱奇艺 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:TOP Medico高能医少 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 45 )Min( 0 )Sec ×( 24 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-11-10
Broadcaster:中国CHINA 爱奇艺iQIYI Name:
Director:LiXinyun李昕芸 Scriptwriter:WenRui温蕊 TianLi田里
Cameraman:YuFang于方 ZhangWeiBin张卫彬 WuRui吴瑞
Previous Awards : Producer:DaiYing戴莹 LiXinyun李昕芸