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TV Drama

Program Name: Ice Fantasy 幻城

  • Introduction
冰族与火族是远古传说中的两大神族。在一次百年大战之后,火族大败,而冰族——幻雪王国王室的年轻一代仅剩下卡索和樱空释两位王子。在王位更迭过程中,卡索先后失去爱人和弟弟樱空释。登上王位后,卡索意外发现冰族圣地幻雪神山内有邪恶力量存在,他和六位身怀绝技的部族年轻人进入神秘莫测的幻雪神山,与占据神山的渊祭斗智斗法。然而当他们打败渊祭强大的四大护法之后,才发现一切都是渊祭布下的惊天阴谋。期间卡索也费尽艰辛寻找失散的爱人和弟弟,然而樱空释却被渊祭送入火族,记忆全失的他成为了火族王子。当冰族与火族再次爆发大战时,这对昔日的亲兄弟面临生死对决。最终关头正义唤醒良知,兄弟相认,主谋渊祭也得到了应有的惩罚。 The Ice and Fire were two divine tribes representing righteousness and evil. In the first hundred-year war between the two tribes, the Fire dealt a heavy blow on the Ice. Prince Ka Suo and his younger brother Ying Kong Shi were the only royal family members left. Ka Suo’s future as the new king, his lover sadly chose to leave him. Ka Suo was heartbroken at the news, but he couldn’t object to his duty to inherit the throne. The Illusory Snow Mountain, which had long been secretly occupied by the evil one, Yuan Ji. To uncover the secrets of the mountain, Ka Suo enlisted the help of his good friend Xing Jiu and a group of young people. Despite numerous challenges and dangers, they fought tirelessly together against the evil Four Guards and won. However, they still fell victim to a conspiracy that unexpectedly Yuan Ji had organized. In the mean while, Ka suo kept searching for his beloved one and his younger brother. Unfortunately, Price Ying Kong shi, who lost all his memory, accidentally became the price of Fire based on Yuan ji’s conspiracy. After many years of preparation, the Fire Tribe once again was waging wars against the Ice Tribe. These two blood brothers met in the fight. In the end, the truth came out. The good always defeated the evil. And the evil Yuan ji got killed for good. Set in the mysterious Kingdom of Illusory Snow, Ice Fantasy is a twisted legend of family ties, friendship, love, and justice.
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Participating Company (Full name): Shanghai Youhug Media Company Limited by Shares上海耀客传媒股份有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title: Ice Fantasy 幻城 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 45 )Min( 45 )Sec ×( 62 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2016-07-24
Broadcaster:湖南卫视 (中国) Hunan Satellite TV (China) Name:
Director:鞠觉亮 Jueliang Ju Scriptwriter:沈芷凝 Zhining Shen
Cameraman:辛植斌 Zhibin Xin
Previous Awards :无 Producer:罗 刚 Gang Luo