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TV Entertainment Programme

Program Name:Come on!To the Future 加油!向未来

  • Introduction
《加油!向未来》是一档将科学实验搬上综艺化舞台的科学节目,用创新的科普形式向全民传递科学知识,吸引大众关注科学、热爱科学。节目邀请60位科学爱好者,以18岁为界将选手分为加油队和未来队,组成科学猜想团进行科学竞猜,两队通过现场做科学实验和答题进行比拼,最终角逐唯一的“年度科学猜想王”。《加油!向未来》战略携手中科院、国家海洋局、中国人民解放军空军等顶尖国家部门机构,研发多个引发热议的大型实验项目,包括“百米冠军与歼十战斗机赛跑”“蛟龙号深海探秘”“磁悬浮列车”等,用前沿的科技手段和电视包装方式展现大国科技和身边科学的魅力。 Come on! To the Future is a science show that presents science experiments on the stage of entertainment, imparts knowledge of science innovatively, attracts the general public to learn and love science. The show invites 60 science enthusiasts, divides them into blue team (18+) and red team (18-), together they are the contestants who compete against each other through experiments and quiz for title of the Annual Science Quiz Champion. Come on! To the Future strategically cooperates with many top state departments and organizations including Chinese Academy of Sciences, State Oceanic Administration, People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF), etc. Thus it has researched and developed many large scale experiments that sparked immediate interests nationwide including one-hundred-meter race champion vs J-10 fighter aircraft, deep diving in Jiaolong submersible, magnetically levitated train, etc. The show demonstrates state-of-the-art technological innovation and beauty of daily life science using cutting edge technology through the medium of television.
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Participating Company (Full name):CCTV 中央电视台 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Come on!To the Future 加油!向未来 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 100 )Min( 1 )Sec ×( 11 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-07-16
Broadcaster:China CCTV-1 中国中央电视台综合频道 Name:
Director:Yang Zhiwen Jia Shanshan Zhang Yuanyuan、杨志文 贾闪闪 章缘缘 Scriptwriter:
Cameraman:Tan Jiangshan、谈江山
Previous Awards :《加油!向未来》第一季所获奖项: 2016年9月 中国国际科教影视展评暨制作人年会(CICSEP)中获中国科教影视最高奖——“中国龙奖之金奖” 2016年12月 “TV地标中国电视媒体综合实力大型调研成果”中获“上星频道最具创新节目奖” 2016年12月 “2016年度国民品牌电视大赏”中获“原创新综艺节目奖”、“最具慧眼奖” 2016年12月 “典赞·2016科普中国”活动中获“年度十大科学传播作品” 2016年12月 获国家广播电影电视总局第三季度“创新创优节目奖” 2017年6月 获澳门国际广告盛典组委会颁发的2017年下半年最具期待综艺节目 Awards List of Come on! To the Future Season 01 Sept.2016 Gold Award of China Dragon Awards, awarded by CICSEP, the China top award in the fields of science and science-education. Dec.2016 The Most Creative Program Award of Satellite Television Channel, awarded by the TV Landmark China Television Comprehensive Strength Report. Dec.2016 The New Original Television Variety Show Award & The Best Insight Award, awarded by the 2016 Annual National Brand Television Awards Activity. Dec.2016 Top 10 Science Communication Shows, awarded by DianZan·2016 China Science Communication Activity. Dec.2016 The Best and Most Creative TV show Award of Third Quarter, awarded by The State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television. Jun.2017 The Most Expected Television Variety Show Award in the Second Half of 2017, awarded by the Macau International Advertisement Festival committee. Producer:Wang Xuechun Wang Ning、王雪纯 王宁
Image of the Fighting Team and the Future Team.
The race between the 100-meter race champion and the J-10A fighter aircraft.
Astronautic Hero Yang Liwei tells the process of astronaut selection.
Nigemaiti, the show presenter and Deng Chuhan participant in an experiment.
The show presenters, Sa Beining and Nigemaiti, having conversation with the AI Robot.