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Program Name:Maritime Silk Road Reborn 21世纪海上丝绸之路

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Synopsis: Most people see a vast emptiness in oceans. They seem to divide us, but in fact, they connect us. Since ancient times, oceans carried people, cultures, religions, and goods to the ends of the earth and created new worlds. He is Sam Willis, a maritime historian, and he is traveling an old sea route in the wake of a great Chinese fleet. On giant wooden ships, they sailed bound for the Western Seas. A journey of over 50,000 kilometers (26,998 nautical miles). The fleet followed a trade route that has come to be known as the Maritime Silk Road. And laid the groundwork for how we live today. A world shaped and bound together by trade, where people of vastly different cultures, languages, and faiths find common ground in mutual self-interest. Today's world has been unified by trade. Goods are constantly being made, moved, bought, and sold. And an interconnected world is linking people in hitherto unimaginable ways. And this is where you really see it happening, China. This country is both a product of and a driver of international trade. But in fact, the roots of globalization are much older than we realize. The country's trading past was brought to light in 2007 by an astonishing discovery that proved China played a major role on an ocean highway running east to west. This 30-meter (32 yards) long Song dynasty merchant ship sank off Hailing Island in Guangdong more than 800 years ago, a tragedy that gives me my first glimpse of what is known today as China's ancient Maritime Silk Road. 中文简介: 600多年前,郑和下西洋开启了中国的“海上丝绸之路”。在21世纪,航海历史学家萨姆•威利斯从中国出发,沿着这条贸易路线一睹郑和宝船的风采,探访中国古老的造船业;前往马六甲海峡,体验现代航运的便利和面临的威胁;此外,他还将从峇峇娘惹那里,领会贸易的真正意义。 萨姆·威利斯在印度科钦探寻香料交易的历史和现状,回到泉州后,在古老的清真寺见证郑和在中国伊斯兰教历史上的影响;接着又从广州出发,乘坐集装箱船前往迪拜,感受贸易是如何促进文化交流、增进各国人民之间的友谊的。 之后,他前往非洲东海岸找寻船队留下的线索,在埃及与希腊,他研究海上贸易是如何继续推动现代社会发展的,又回到南京了解海上贸易对人们日常生活的影响。
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Participating Company (Full name):National Geographic Channel Asia 国家地理频道亚洲 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Maritime Silk Road Reborn 21世纪海上丝绸之路 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 45 )Min( )Sec ×( 3 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-10-01
Broadcaster:国家地理频道(National Geographic) Name:
Director:Dominic Young, Stefano Centini, Joe Evans, Soh Chin Hwee Scriptwriter:N/A
Cameraman:Rob Taylor, Simon Nicholls
Previous Awards : Producer:Dean Johnson, Dominic Young