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TV Drama

Program Name:The Rising of Youth Hero 青年霍元甲之冲出江湖

  • Introduction
《青年霍元甲之冲出江湖》简介 (中文)霍元甲父亲曾是镖局元老,不愿意其子卷入上一代的江湖恩怨、无尽厮杀,决定退隐江湖。未料,昔日仇人找上门来,要置霍家于死地。一心读书、毫无武功的霍元甲在家庭大难来临之际,无力拯救家人,受尽屈辱。遂突击学艺,在江湖的腥风血雨中逐步成为功夫高手,救全家和乡亲们于水火之中,成为了全村的英雄。不料被恶势力盯上,欲用其利,并设计圈套,诱其上钩。但霍元甲为人正直,不为富贵低头,不为危难屈服,最终伸张正义。却无意间触动各方利益,被迫背井离乡,前往天津港。天津港黑帮无恶不作,霍元甲为了生存又和黑帮殊死搏斗,带领好友战胜邪恶。欲于各派和平共处,但各种势力又各自为政,为己方利益殊死相争,处在社会动荡漩涡中的霍元甲感到无力去改变,他思考:一人强,无大用…… (英文)Huo Yuanjia’s father, the senior of a security bodyguard establishment, decided to retire from work as he would not like to see his son get involved in enmities and killings extending from the last generation. One day, the enemies unexpectedly found his family aiming to kill them all. But Huo Yuanjia, who had devoted himself into study wholeheartedly with no Kung Fu at all, had nothing to do but endure humiliation. He then decided to cram to rescue his poor Kung Fu and gradually became a Kung Fu master after going through numerous bloodbaths. As he saved his family and the other villagers from great danger, he was honored as the village hero. At this time, the evil forces, who attempted to use him for profits, set traps to make him surrender. As Huo Yuanjia, a straight person, would not like to bend knees to them or yield to difficulties, he finally upheld justice. But due to his behaviors intentionally harming benefits of all sides, he was forced to leave for Tianjin, a port city. In Tianjin, since the gang forces committed all manners of crimes, Huo Yuanjia and his friends went through life-and-death struggles with them for survival and defeated evil. After failing to make peace with all sides who always struggled for their own benefits unscrupulously, Huo Yuanjia amid the social turmoil felt that there was little he could do to change the situation, and thought that it was still a modest force only by himself ...
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Participating Company (Full name):Star-D Group 星座魔山 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:The Rising of Youth Hero 青年霍元甲之冲出江湖 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 45 )Min( 0 )Sec ×( 45 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-02-12
Broadcaster:中国(China)、中央电视台电视剧频道(CCTV-8) Name:
Director:都晓(DU Xiao) Scriptwriter:李林(Li Lin)、王金涛(Wang Jintao)、孙琪(Sun Qi)、苑思达(Yuan Sida)、陈佳佳(Chen Jiajia)、石头(Shitou)等
Cameraman:王永伟(Wang Yongwei)
Previous Awards :无 Producer:都晓(DU Xiao)
Director-都晓DU Xiao
Director-都晓DU Xiao