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TV Drama

Program Name:SOLASO BISTRO 问题餐厅

  • Introduction
Solaso Bistro, co-produced by Lajin Film and Young Film & TV Cultural Media, is a remake of Mondai no Aru Restaurant, the most popular screenplay written by Sakamoto Yuji, known as the “Master of the Screen”. It tells inspirational stories about women, and is filled with a sense of justice, righteous ardor, and heartfelt emotions. The cast includes both new generation actors such as Jiao Junyan, Li Kaixin, and Ye Zicheng, as well as veteran actors such as Jin Shijie, Liu Mintao, and Ken Tong. Solaso Bistro is produced by a top team with executive producer Shang Na, who was behind the successful productions of Diors Man and Jianbing Man. Director Huang Changzuo previously partnered with Guo Jingming in the production of the Tiny Times series. The crew includes winners of Golden Horse Award and Hong Kong Film Awards such as editor Lin Yongyi, stylist director Lin Xinyi, idol creator Chen Jiarong, and Taiwan idol drama art guru Wang Shihui. As a masterpiece, Solaso Bistro debuts in an extraordinary way. Since being launched on V.QQ.COM on March 23, 2017, it has garnered more than 150 million visits, over 100,000 bullet screen comments per episode, and a Douban rating of 6.0. The topics raised by the show have proved very effective in triggering heated discussions. 由拉近影业、年青时候联合出品,改编自“金句大神”坂元裕二的超人气剧作《问题餐厅》,讲述了正义热血,充满温情的女性励志故事。新生代演员焦俊艳、李凯馨、叶子诚等青春加盟,金牌戏骨金士杰、刘敏涛、汤镇业倾情出演。《问题餐厅》更集结金牌团队操刀护航。总制片人尚娜曾成功打造《屌丝男士》《煎饼侠》。郭敬明《小时代》御用拍档黄常祚高品质执导。金马奖、金像奖幕后团队包括剪辑大师林雍益、造型指导林欣宜、偶像打造师陈加融与台湾偶像剧美术鼻祖王诗蕙全力加盟。金牌团队调制超级大剧,《问题餐厅》“上菜”不同凡响。自2017年3月23日登录腾讯视频,网络点击量逾1.5亿,单集弹幕数量平均10万+,豆瓣评分6.0分,话题效应明显,引发热议。
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Participating Company (Full name):LAJIN FILM CO.,LTD.北京拉近影业有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:SOLASO BISTRO 问题餐厅 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 44 )Min( 31 )Sec ×( 20 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-03-23
Broadcaster:CHINA,中国;,腾讯视频 Name:
Director:Huang Changzuo 黄常祚 Scriptwriter:Cui Jie 崔洁;Yin Wenjun 尹文君;Huang Changzuo 黄常祚
Cameraman:Chen Jiarong 陈加融
Previous Awards : Producer:Shang Na 尚娜
Web Actress-焦俊艳
Director -Huang Changzuo;导演-黄常祚
Theme Song -Stay Good, by Chen Li;主题歌-陈粒《好在》