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TV Drama

Program Name:The Big Boss 班长大人

  • Introduction
高一第一天,叶木栖充满了兴奋。除了对新生活的好奇期待外,更重要的是庆幸自己终于可以摆脱控制约束了自己十多年之久的“大魔王”廖丹奕的掌控了。可是,偏偏两人依旧在新的班级里不期而遇,原来廖丹奕中考少考了一门。廖丹奕从小到大都是叶木栖的班长,一直以此职权来挟制着叶木栖,令其苦不堪言。叶木栖选择了主动要求竞选班长,并最终真的意外当选了班长。在班长叶木栖的不断努力下,10班这个原本一盘散沙的“学渣班”渐渐变成了一个活力四射,团结一心的集体。在叶木栖的带领下,与全校成绩最优的1班以及以闫于律为代表的刻板规矩之间展开了一场妙趣横生的博弈。而叶木栖和廖丹奕这对欢喜冤家也在对抗与合作中各自对彼此有了新的认识了解。 Ye Muxi was full of excitement in the first day of high school and was curious about her new life here, more importantly, she was fortunate to live out her life beyond the "Evil" Liao Danyi's grasp which lasted for over ten years. However, it was unexpectedly that they both were still in the same class, for he dropped a subject in the Senior High School Entrance Examination. Liao Danyi had always been Ye Muxi's monitor and thus controlling her with his power, which confused her greatly. This time, Ye took the initiative to run for the monitor and eventually succeeded. She dedicated efforts to making a vigorous and united Class 10 rather than the previous "poor students class". Under the leadership of Ye Muxi, Class 10 had a witty competition with Class 1, the best grades class and Yan Yulv, leader of stereotype rules. While the happy foes, Ye Muxi and Liao Danyi enhanced mutual understanding during the competition and cooperation.
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Participating Company (Full name): Tencent 腾讯 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:The Big Boss 班长大人 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 35 )Min( )Sec ×( 36 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-09-08
Broadcaster:腾讯 Tencent Name:
Director:沈文帅 Shen Wenshuai Scriptwriter:肖薇 丁顶Xiaowei,Dingding
Cameraman:郭磊 Guolei
Previous Awards : Producer:李尔云Li Eryun
Huang Junjie 黄俊捷
Director- Shen Wenshuai-沈文帅
Screenwriter- Ding Ding-丁顶