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Program Name:Adoption 领养

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美国旧金山,生活着一位人到中年、单身离异的美籍华人妇女琳达。十三年前她从中国领养了一个女儿——娜娜。但天有不测风云,在娜娜准备参加滑冰大赛的那天突然摔倒,医生告诉琳达,娜娜患上了“急性淋巴细胞性白血病”……,琳达毅然辞去工作,与老父亲一起变卖房屋,来到中国寻找娜娜的亲生父母谋求骨髓移植。会说英语的出租车司机刘平凡,带着两人开始了在中国的千里奔波。在当地派出所和医院的帮助下,他们好不容易找到娜娜的亲生母亲雪梅,功成名就的雪梅排除众议与女儿相认,但她的骨髓与女儿不匹配。于是他们又找到娜娜的亲生父亲吴江,并不知道自己有一个女儿的吴江顶住社会和家庭的压力,使娜娜终于得救!面对可爱的女儿,两位亲生父母希望从美国养母琳达手里要回女儿的抚养权,在法庭上娜娜的一段话让他们立即撤诉。历经几起几落、坚强执着的琳达终于获得了娜娜的抚养权,同时还收获了与刘平凡曲折而又真挚的爱情。琳达带着爱女娜娜和中国亲人们的祝福,带着中国大地上所有人的爱,登上了飞往旧金山的飞机…… Linda is a middle-aged, single and divorced Chinese-American woman who lives in San Francisco, USA. She adopted a daughter Nana from China thirteen years ago. However, fortune is fickle, Nana was suddenly sprawled out at that day which she was preparing for skating competition, and the doctor told Linda that Nana had “acute lymphocytic leukemia” Linda was resolutely quit her job, and sold the house with her old father, then came to China to find Nana's biological parents for seeking bone marrow transplantation. Liu Pingfan, a taxi driver who speaks English, began traveling thousands of miles in China with two people.With the help of the local police station and hospital, they finally found Nana's biological mother, Xue Mei, who achieved successfully of her career, heard that she had a daughter, and she is going to recognize her daughter whatever it cost. However her bone marrow doesn't match Nana. So they found Nana's biological father, Wu Jiang, who does not know he had a daughter, he resisted social and family pressure to save Nana! Facing the lovely daughter, the biological parents want to return their daughter's custody from Linda. In court, Nana's words led them to withdraw a lawsuit immediately. Live through thick and thin, stronger lady Linda finally won custody of Nana, also harvested the true love with Liu Pingfan for this period of hard-won love. Linda carries the blessings of relatives in China with her beloved daughter Nana, and with the love of all the people on this homeland of China, they fly back to San Francisco...
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Participating Company (Full name): Beijing Dongwang Culture &Development Co,.,Ltd北京东王文化发展有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Adoption 领养 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 45 )Min( )Sec ×( 44 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2016-10-23
Broadcaster:中国 Name:
Director:李妮Li Ni Scriptwriter:李娃Li Wa
Cameraman:刘纯Liu Chun
Previous Awards :《领养》 获得第十二届中美电影节金天使奖 Producer:孟凡耀 Meng FanYao
Leading Actor男主角-丁海峰 Ding Haifeng
Leading Actor男主角-丁海峰 Ding Haifeng
Supporting Actor男配角-罗立群Luo Liqun
Supporting Actor男配角-罗立群Luo Liqun
Supporting Actress女配角-方佳娃Fang Jiawa
Supporting Actress女配角-方佳娃Fang Jiawa
Director导演-李妮 Li Ni