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TV Drama

Program Name:Day snd Night 白夜追凶

  • Introduction
一场灭门惨案,让原本逍遥浪荡的关宏宇成了在逃的通缉嫌犯。身为刑侦支队队长的双胞胎哥哥关宏峰,誓要查出真相,但出于亲属回避的原则,警队禁止关宏峰参与灭门案的调查工作,关宏峰义愤辞职。调任了代支队长的周巡处于破案压力,也为了追寻关宏宇的下落,他设计让离职的关宏峰以“编外顾问”的身份继续参与各大重案要案的调查,而警队所有人都被隐瞒了。由于罹患“黑暗恐惧症”,白天和黑夜出现在警队的“顾问关宏峰”,其实是由孪生兄弟二人白夜分饰,性格迥异的兄弟两人在警队中马脚不断,背负着随时被周巡及各路人马发现的危险,一路侦破了各种大案要案,目的只是想伺机调阅灭门案的案卷查出真相,以还清白。 Due to a familicide, Guan Hongyu, a carefree and idle man became a wanted suspect at large. As the captain of the criminal investigation team,his twin brother Guan Hongfeng vowed to find out the truth, but according the challenge principle, he was not allowed to investigate the case and resigned in anger. Zhou Xun, who replaced him as the captain, was under great pressure. To crack the case and find Guan Hongyu, he schemed to make Guan Hongfeng continue to participate in the investigation of major cases as an "outsider adviser" without telling anyone in the team. As a result of "achluophobia", Guan Hongfeng would show up in the daytime and his twin brother would show up as him at night. The two brothers with different personalities constantly gave themselves away, Burdened with the risk of being found by ZhouXun and other people at all times and they could be caught by Zhou Xun and others any time. During the process, they cracked a variety of major cases when they were waiting for an opportunity to read files of that case so as to find the truth and clear Guan Hongyu’s name.
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Participating Company (Full name):YouKu 优酷 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Day snd Night 白夜追凶 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 45 )Min( 0 )Sec ×( 4 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-08-30
Broadcaster:中国大陆 Chinese Mainland Name:
Director:Wang wei 王伟 Scriptwriter:ZhiWen 指纹
Cameraman:Liu Yingjian 刘英剑
Previous Awards :《白夜追凶》摘得第四届横店影视节“文荣奖”最佳网络剧奖 Producer:Yuan Yumei 袁玉梅
Actor-潘粤明 Pan Yueming
Director-王伟 Wang wei