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TV Drama

Program Name: Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花

  • Introduction
故事发生地经历了多地转换,更是在凡间、天界、妖族有多处情感纠葛,不仅有情感铺陈开来的场景需求,剧中还有荡气回肠的战争场景大戏,属于对美术有着极高要求的仙幻题材。因此这些大景如何体现出来,成了电视剧创作的一大重点。与以往神话故事不同之处在于,除了浪漫情节,在动作设计上也是追求美感、精细与真实,突破了同类题材动作场景的“虚幻”壁垒。Bai Qian, the youngest daughter of the Fox Emperor Bai Zhi, is transformed into a boy by her parents for being too playful and becomes a disciple of Mo Yuan from Kunlun Void by the name of Siyin. One day, after she learns that her second eldest brother is about to become a father, she sneaks downhill, hoping to hasten back to Green Hill to see her newborn niece. However, she runs into Qing Cang, King of the Winged Clan, who decides to abduct her and take her to his clan where she becomes friends with Li Jing, the second heir to the clan, and falls in love with him. Not long after, Mo Yuan, her master, sneaks in the clan and snatches her out. Yearning to see her again, Li Jing sneaks out of the Winged Clan to bare his heart to Bai Qian in Kunlun Void who accepts him in the end. However, Xuan Nu, a close friend of Bai Qian’s, becomes jealous of her finding her first love. When she was young, Xuan Nu shapeshifted to look almost the same as Bai Qian, an unrivaled beauty. Taking advantage of Li Jing’s hesitation over the ethically prohibited marriage between the Sky Kingdom and the Winged Clan, she seduces him with her looks and snatches away the love of her friend. Bai Qian is betrayed both by her friend and by her lover. After the Winged Clan rebels against the gods, Xuan Nu deceives the gods by playing the victim and runs off with their secret formations, which leads to their defeat. As the last resort, Mo Yuan plies his supreme divine power and locks Qing Cang up in the Bell of the Eastern Emperor at the cost of his own soul. He dies in the battle by Ruoshui River. Unable to believe the death of her master, Bai Qian steals his divine body and takes it with her back to Green Hill where she nourishes it with heart blood in the hope that he can return to Kunlun Void one day. As a result, they are rumored to be missing in the Sky Kingdom and their whereabouts become an unsolved mystery. In the same year, Ye Hua, grandson of the King of the Sky, is born. 70,000 years later, Qing Cang breaks out of the bell. To protect the peace of the world, Bai Qian fights him in a ferocious battle which ends up with him locked back up in the Bell of the Eastern Emperor. But he also mutes her power, memory and beauty in the battle, reducing her to a plain and mortal girl fallen on Mount Junji in the mortal world. In the same year, Ye Hua descends to the mortal world to subdue the golden lion ridden by Qing Cang. Wounded in the battle against the beast, he takes a rest beneath Mount Junji where he meets Bai Qian who has lost her memory. With a few tricks, he pays court to her, falls in love with her and marries her in the mortal world. Not long after, she is pregnant. Knowing that the King of the Sky will never allow her, a “mortal,” to exist, Ye Hua plots to fake his own death in the battle against the rebels and give up everything he has, including the vain title “grandson of the King of the Sky,” to live an unfettered life with Bai Qian in the mortal world. Unfortunately, the King of the Sky knows about her before he can do anything and takes her with him to the Palace of the Sky, planning to deal with the “mortal” girl after she gives birth to Ye Hua’s child. In the palace, to protect her life, Ye Hua pretends to be indifferent and aloof to her, which she mistakes as a sign of him no longer in love with her. Still pregnant, she is framed by Su Jin, who adores Ye Hua, time and again and even has her eyes scooped out. Devastated and without any hope left on Ye Hua, she jumps off the Altar of Divine Wrath after she gives birth. However, the spell on her is unexpectedly broken by the perverse spirits beneath the altar, as a result of which she recovers her memory. After she falls down to the 10 mile long peach grove, she finds herself reluctant to remember anything about her doomed and bygone love, so she drinks the oblivion potion to wipe out her memory of Ye Hua. Three hundred years later, they meet again by the East Sea. Ye Hua knows Bai Qian is his wife, so he follows her to Green Hill to live with her. Bai Qian, on the other hand, doesn’t remember her time as a “mortal,” but still, she somehow falls in love with him again. Ye Hua never knows why she took the oblivion potion. After he learns that she was Siyin who stole the divine body of Mo Yuan after the great battle, he has the idea that she wanted to forget the time they spent together as a couple because the one she truly loved was Mo Yuan. Heartbroken as he is, he is willing to help them back together. He gets hold of the Divine Ganoderma at the cost of an arm and gives up all the power he has to wake up Mo Yuan. After she knows what he did, Bai Qian confesses to him that she’s already deeply in love with him. After hundreds of years, they are finally back together at the Palace of the Sky, once a place of sorrow for them, and are ready to choose their wedding date. However, jealous again of Bai Qian after she shows up, Su Jin plots to provoke her jealousy by telling her that Ye Hua had a mortal wife before her so that she can leave him. To her surprise, though, Bai Qian recalls what really happened back then as a result and knows she was his “mortal” wife who was cornered into jumping off the altar in the Palace of the Sky. Overwhelmed by the love and hatred she once had and without any mercy, she takes back the eyes of Su Jin, the face of Xuan Nu, and everything else that anyone owed her. To her beloved Ye Hua, she anguishes over whether to “accept him or let go.” Despite him waiting for her for so long, she breaks off their engagement, which leaves him devastated and baffled at why she’s suddenly so heartless. At that point, the Bell of the Eastern Emperor is unlocked and Qing Cang breaks out. Before he can explain himself to her, Ye Hua throws himself into a fierce battle with Qing Cang. Locked up by the Sky Kingdom for twice, Qing Cang hates them so much that he merges with the bell into one and summons Naraka Fire to destroy the world. Faced with it all, Ye Hua sacrifices his own life to the bell to end the calamity before he dies. Seeing him die with her own eyes, Bai Qian is finally awake to the fact that she loves him more than anything. Fortunately, three years later, Ye Hua comes to life in his crystal coffin buried in deep ocean and returns to the peach grove to look for Bai Qian and continue their destined love that has been going on for tens of thousands of years.
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Participating Company (Full name):上Shanghai GCOO Entertainment Co., Ltd 海剧酷文化传播有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title: Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( )Min( )Sec ×( )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-1-30
Broadcaster:安徽卫视 Name:
Director:林玉芬LAM YUK FAN Scriptwriter:弘伙HUO HONG
Previous Awards : Producer:房迎YING FANG
赵又廷Mark Chao
杨幂Mini Yang