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TV Documentary

Program Name:Return 归来

  • Introduction
Synopsis of the Return of the Driver A folding bicycle ,a desire of family reunion in Spring Festival, an ordinary female worker : life story presents an enormous contrast against the brilliantly illuminated city in the dark. In order to bring children some gifts, also to earn more money for eyes treatments for her mother, Huang Junying works as a clerk during daytime and as a substitute driver at night. She has the courage and wisdom to rise the challenges of the work, including the doubt about "female drivers "and some drunk gaffe. She is an ordinary woman living an ordinary life, which is common in this land. Her distress among the whole year can be cleared off in a family reunion dinner. Her bitterness can be resolved by families' smiling faces. Beijing, her workplace, which was called Beiping, means the well of north; Nan'an, her hometown means the well of south: Beijing and Nan'an,a well story between 2000 kilometers. 一辆折叠自行车,一份春节回家团聚的渴望,一个普普通通的女性打拼者,在黑暗中,与城市的灯火辉煌结合成了一段极具反差的生活故事。为了能在大年三十给家乡的孩子们多带些礼物,也为了多赚一点钱给妈妈治眼睛,一个人在北京打拼的黄军英,白天做文员,晚上干女代驾,一切都显得那么自然。她可以用阳光心态承担一切风险,包括忍受醉酒者的失态。他勇于接受生活的挑战,只拼争,不抱怨,展现了一个普通人应有的生活轨迹,也是无数打拼者生活状态的缩影,其中蕴含着一顿团圆饭消尽一年愁的快乐;蕴含着看到亲人一个笑容,化解所有悲苦的幸福。 黄军英工作在“北平”,老家却远在福建南安。北平和南安,穿起了一个普通百姓的平安故事,虽没有感天动地的情节,却同样能荡漾观众如临其境的泪珠。
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Participating Company (Full name):Qinhuangdao RedFox television media Co., Ltd. 秦皇岛火狐影视传媒有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Return 归来 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( )Min( )Sec ×( )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-01-29
Broadcaster:北京电视台新闻频道;Beijing TV news channel Name:
Director:火烽;FengHuo Scriptwriter:火烽;FengHuo
Cameraman:李延安;Yanan Li
Previous Awards : Producer:张耀;Yao Zhang