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TV Documentary

Program Name:Splendid March 人间三月天

  • Introduction
The documentary "Splendid March" is a panoramic record of the history and reality of Guangxi's traditional festival Double Third Day (Sanyuesan in Chinese), which falls on the third day of the third lunar month. By telling several relatively independent stories, this film displays how different people prepare for the festival. The music teacher Xu Hanmei is creating a folk song suite "Nourishing Rice". The folk song singer Chen Xiaodi plans to attend the folk song fair in Bama County and hopes to find a girlfriend there. Wang Yujia, the 5th generation actor of Liu Sanjie will go to Yizhou to take part in the performance of the newly recomposed Caidiao Opera "Liu Sanjie". The folklorist Xu Xiaoming will return to his hometown to hold a memorial ceremony for his father, who has passed away for many years. From the angles of rhythm, lyric, folk song fair, sacrificial activity, festivity and protection, the film reveals the origin and features of the Double Third Day, and unfold the colorful cultures of the festival.The film collected the classical shots and footages of the activities of the festival of recent 4 decades to display the changes of the cities, rural areas and people's life in Guangxi. 纪录片《人间三月天》是对广西三月三节庆活动历史与现实的全景纪录。本片通过若干个相对独立的故事,讲述不同广西人为迎接三月三所做的准备:民乐老师徐寒梅在创作一部原生态民歌组曲《稻之润》;民间歌手陈小弟打算去巴马参加歌圩,给自己找对象;第五代“刘三姐”王予嘉到宜州演出新编彩调剧《刘三姐》;民俗学家许晓明返回老家祭奠逝去多年的父亲……影片从“音律”、“歌词”、“歌圩”、“祭祀”、“节庆”、“保护”等不同角度,抽丝剥茧,向观众讲述了广西三月三的由来与特征,展现了广西三月三原汁原味的多彩文化内涵。本片汇集了近四十年来有关广西三月三活动的经典画面,再现了广西近四十年来的城乡变化以及人们生活的改变。
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Participating Company (Full name): China Guangxi Television 中国广西电视台 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Splendid March 人间三月天 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 60 )Min( 0 )Sec ×( 1 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-03-30
Broadcaster: China Guangxi Television 中国广西电视台 Name:
Director:Wu Xianglie 吴向列 Ning Guoming宁国铭 Ma Yijia 马艺嘉 Scriptwriter:
Cameraman:Wu Xianglie 吴向列 Ning Guoming宁国铭 Li Nan 李南 Liu Yong 刘勇
Previous Awards :2017年10月获第23届中国电视纪录片年度收藏作品奖(11月颁奖) Producer:Jiang Yan 蒋延
Director/导演-Wu Xianglie吴向列