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TV Animation

Program Name:The Dream Chapter of Starry Dreams星星梦之梦想篇

  • Introduction
The Dream Chapter of Starry Dreams is an animation based on 100 children’s dreams, created by 100 Chinese directors. It’s an animation about Chinese Dream with the theme of “Me in 20 Years and China in 20 Years”. In regard of stories, children are so imaginative that they depict lively what the country, the nation, the future, the present, other people and they themselves are like. This animation shows how Chinese children think of Chinese Dream from different perspectives. It also demonstrates their intentions to make China more prosperous, to pass forward Chinese civilization and to play a positive role. In regard of the creation mode, 100 directors, hired by CCTV Animation Inc., showcases how diversified animation can be. There is Chinese Painting style, Graphic Book style, Children’s Drawing style and so on. Different styles are tied tightly together because of stories, bringing children and their parents an unprecedented visual feast. 《星星梦》之梦想篇是由百名中国动画导演根据百名孩子的梦想量身打造的一部以短片为主要内容,以“二十年后的我,二十年后的中国”为主旨的中国梦主题动画系列片。 在故事内容上,孩子们展开了想象的翅膀,对国家、对民族、对未来、对当下、对他人、对自己都勾勒出了一幅幅美丽而又生动的绚丽画卷。从方方面面体现了当代少年儿童对中国梦的理解,对祖国繁荣昌盛、传递中华文明、传播正能量的由衷祝愿。 在形式上,受央视动画邀请的我国百名动画导演更是充分表现了动画的丰富多样。水墨画风格、绘本风格、儿童画风格……不同风格的画面有机地通过星星梦主题故事高度结合在一起,为孩子们和他们的家长带来一场前所未有的视觉盛宴!
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Participating Company (Full name):CCTV Animation Inc.央视动画有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:The Dream Chapter of Starry Dreams星星梦之梦想篇 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 10 )Min( )Sec ×( 50 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2016年7月18日
Broadcaster:CCTV 中国中央电视台 Name:
Director:Xu Zheng 徐铮Yang Zilan 杨子岚 Scriptwriter:Zhang Yixiang 张忆翔Zhao Hong 赵虹
Cameraman:CCTV Animation Inc.央视动画有限公司
Previous Awards :1.Special Jury Award of Gold Panda Awards at the 13th SCTVF. 2.Gold Award of Best Animated TV Series of Cyber Sousa Awards at the 8th Xiamen International Animation Festival. 3.Grand Prize of Excellent Domestic TV Animation for High-quality Children's Program & Special Fund in Domestic Animation Development. 4.Gold Award of the 5th Top Ten Chinese Cartoon Image Awards. 5.Best TV Animation Award at the 7th Snow Wolf Animation and Comics Competition. 6.Nominated for Best TV Animation Program of the 24th Xingguang Awards for Television Arts. 1.荣获第十三届四川电视节“金熊猫奖”评委会特别奖; 2.荣获第八届厦门国际动漫节金海豚奖最佳电视系列动画片金奖; 3.荣获少儿节目精品及国产动画发展专项资金优秀国产电视动画片特等奖; 4.荣获第五届中国十大卡通形象奖金奖; 5.荣获第七届“雪狼杯”动漫作品大赛最佳动画电视片奖; 6.荣获第24届电视文艺“星光奖” 电视动画节目提名奖; Producer:Zeng Weijing 曾伟京Cao Liang 曹梁
Director-Yang Zilan
Director-Yang Zilan