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TV Drama

Program Name:The Princess Weiyoung 锦绣未央

  • Introduction
南北朝期间,群雄逐鹿,烽烟四起,战事纷争不断。 出身北凉王族的少女心儿,本是天真善良的无忧公主,过着万人宠爱、恣意随性的快乐日子。北魏大将军叱云南为自己的野心而陷害,欺君罔上擅自出兵,导致北凉上下一夜之间血流成河,天之骄女被迫流落异乡。北魏尚书府遗弃在乡下的庶女李未央意外救了心儿,后又因掩护心儿被追兵杀害。心儿不得不以李未央之名,勇敢地活下去,一个人背负起两个女孩的命运与苦难。回到尚书府,化名李未央的心儿不仅要与仇敌叱云氏一族斗智斗勇,还意外卷入与北魏皇子的情仇纠葛。苦难与坎坷没有将她打倒,反而赋予她无上的智慧与心胸,她历尽艰险磨难,终为父系一族正名,同时也收获了曲折感人的美好爱情。 In the ancient Chinese Northern Wei Dynasty, the kingdom of North Liang was defeated in a battle and the kind and beautiful Princess of North Liang lost her country as well as her family overnight. She escaped to her enemy’s camp into the state counselor, Lee’s mansion. The Lee’s daughter, Weiyang was previously expelled from home. Therefore, upon showing up, the North Liang Princess was taken to be Weiyang and started to live the hard life of both her own, and that of Weiyang’s. The princess was smart, naive and out-going before she lost her family, but now as Weiyang, she needs to be alert and brave to fight her enemies. In her struggle to survive the challenges that she faces in living the life of the expelled Weiyang, her wit and beauty shines through and attracts the men around her, including grandson of the Emperor, Tuoba Jun, who is bright, humorous and doesn’t care much about being King; Tuoba Yu, the Emperor’s younger brother, and the young Prince Roran. At first Tuoba Jun doesn’t want to fight with Tuoba Yu for the throne and just wants to be with Weiyang. Even though Weiyang really likes Jun, she can’t forget about losing her family and country. But Jun again and again shows his true love for Weiyang, and saves her life many times. Finally she falls in love with Jun, and helps him fight the evil Yu to win the battle. Jun becomes King and she becomes a capable queen. She finally understands that it is the nature of history for countries to replace one after another, and the ending of her own kingdom was unavoidable. The most important thing is to protect the people and do everything you can to make sure they can survive and live a pleasant life. Weiyang’s love and wisdom not only change her and Tuoba Jun’s fates but also build a stable foundation for the fragile Northern Wei Dynasty.
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Participating Company (Full name):上海克顿影视有限责任公司(Shanghai Croton Entertainment Co., Ltd. ) Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:The Princess Weiyoung 锦绣未央 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 45 )Min( 00 )Sec ×( 54 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2016-11-11
Broadcaster:上海东方卫视(Shanghai Dragon TV ) 北京卫视( Beijing Television ) Name:
Director:李慧珠(May Li) Scriptwriter:程婷钰(TingYu Cheng )
Previous Awards :获2016年度国剧盛典 “年度电视剧”奖 2016 Domestic TV series Ceremony“Beat TV Drama”Award 获2016年度Dramafever“最佳中国电视剧”奖 2016 Dramafever “Beat Chinese Drama”Award 获2016年度微博之夜“最具热度电视剧”奖 2016 Weibo Night Ceremony “The Most Hot Drama”Award 获2016年度酷云互动年度国民品牌电视大赏“年度国民电视剧”奖 2016 Kuyun National Brand TV Ceremony“National Drama”Awards 获2016年度东方卫视“最受观众喜爱的电视剧”奖 2016 China TV Quality Ceremony “The Most Popular Drama”Award Producer:王莹(Ying Wang)
Leading Actor-罗晋 Luo Jin
Leading Actor-罗晋 Luo Jin
Leading Actor-罗晋 Luo Jin