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TV Entertainment Programme

Program Name: TOUCH THE MUSIC 看见乐声

  • Introduction
中文简介: 在国外,吴晶的事业蓬勃发展。本片将跟随吴晶荣归故里,为扬州建城2500年献上一场万人音乐会。吴晶在盛大的记者招待会上宣布了她所参与的这一科学实验。如果实验成功,她将可以摆脱只能独奏的命运,再也不用形单影只地独立于舞台之上了。然而,这条道路困难重重,她的时间所剩无多。 英文简介: Wu Jing, like many others, is a 28 years old Chinese professional musician living in Stockholm today. But she is one of a kind. She is a blind flutist. Jing’s fervent goal is to one day play in a symphony orchestra; to be accepted not just as a blind musician, but as a professional musician, who happens to be blind. Is this a mission impossible? Jing and her mentor Jan Bengtsson, first flutist with Sweden’s Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, meet Ellen Sundh, a Swedish inventor and visual interface device programmer, to seek the solution. Spurred on by Jing’s dream, Ellen takes up the new challenge. She’s figuring it can’t be so far a stretch to get the conductor’s wand, facial expressions, and body language to emanate interpretive video signals via sensors to Jing. But it’s never been done before. The film follows the development from idea to prototype to testing with Wu Jing and small ensembles. Finally, the climax, as Jing and the Swedish Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and its conductor play for an audience in the Stockholm Concert Hall (where the Nobel Prizes are awarded)- a world first.
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Participating Company (Full name): Beijing Continental Bridge Corporation Group LTD北京大陆桥文化传媒股份有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title: TOUCH THE MUSIC 看见乐声 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 58 )Min( )Sec ×( 1 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2016年9月
Broadcaster:瑞典电视台(SVT) Name:
Director:司同Stone、 Lotta Hellman Scriptwriter:Steven Seidenberg、 Tell Aulin
Cameraman:Anders Kronborg
Previous Awards : Producer:凌立Leland、Tell Aulin