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TV Drama

Program Name:Police Brother Pot 警察锅哥

  • Introduction
The No.1 Pot’s successor Jian Fan is a bold, careful and eloquent young man. His dream used to be becoming a Master Chief, but in the end he joined the police force. At the beginning of his career, he often chickened out, but later became very brave when faced with dangers. He went through cases such as counterfeit bills, narcotics and armor cash carrier robbery, and experienced mental struggles of timidity, suspicion, avoidance, confidence and sense of responsibility. He successfully solved an 17-year-old open case together with his colleagues, and became an excellent criminal police and a member of the UN peace-keeping police. The TV series Police Brother Pot presents the professional life of a police academy graduate Jian Fan, as the story line of an unsolved case of Yueshan Police Station 17 years ago unfolds. It presents to us Jian Fan’s self-development after he joined the police force– how he experienced difficulties and matured, and how he transformed from a young person pursuing individual life dream to an excellent policeman shouldering social responsibilities. It’s a “New Police Story” full of suspension and youthful and positive energy. Emotionally, Jian Fan underwent relationships with Liu Xiangchun, Jiang Dijia and Liang Wuyun, and in the end harvested a true love. 电视剧《警察锅哥》以岳山市公安局侦破一起17年前的悬案为主线,讲述了警校毕业生简凡进入警队后的职业及自我成长,历经挫折不断成熟,由个人生活梦想向社会责任担当逐步转变,最终成为优秀的警察,是集青春、悬案、正能量于一体的“新警察故事”。 “天下第一锅”传人简凡,是一个胆大、心细、能言善辩的年轻人,原本的梦想是做当代“神厨”,却进入了警队工作。从临阵脱逃到直面危险,历经假钞案、麻醉案、运钞车抢劫案,经过了胆怯、猜忌、逃避、自信、责任等心理变化后,最终与战友侦破17年前的悬案,成长为优秀的刑警,并成为国际维和警察。 在情感上,简凡经历了与刘香莼、蒋迪佳、梁舞云之间复杂的情感线之后,收获到了一份纯真的爱情!
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Participating Company (Full name):Beijing Dejiade culture media Co., Ltd 、北京德嘉德文化传媒有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Police Brother Pot 警察锅哥 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 44 )Min( 0 )Sec ×( 40 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-08-17
Broadcaster:China、中国 Anhui satellite TV、安徽卫视 Name:
Director:Chang Xiaoyang、常晓阳 Scriptwriter:Ge Yajun、葛亚军
Cameraman:Chang Jingxiang、昌敬祥
Previous Awards :无 Producer:Guo Xianchun、郭现春
Leading Actor: Liu Kai 男主角:刘凯
Leading Actor: Liu Kai 男主角:刘凯
Leading Actress: Liu Jiehan女主角:刘洁涵
Leading Actress: Liu Jiehan女主角:刘洁涵
Actor in Supporting Role: Feng Guoqiang男配角:冯国强
Actor in Supporting Role: Feng Guoqiang男配角:冯国强
Director: Chang Xiaoyang导演:常晓阳