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TV Drama

Program Name:Undercover 卧底归来

  • Introduction
故事梗概 百城禁毒会战打响,化装侦察员宝玉完成任务,期待归队。未料更艰巨的任务在等待他去完成。宝玉放弃难得的归队机会,再次开启卧底生涯。 代号“芳芳”的公安局长房庆隆大胆缜密地设计侦破方案,配合宝玉的“被通缉”身份,助其深入虎穴掌握第一手证据。同时派化装成心理医生的女警官关晓智为金飞进行治疗,迫使他暴露假失忆实为利用宝玉的真相。 宝玉将计就计随金飞接近了洪川大企业家九爷,查出九爷是隐蔽更深的大毒枭。他不仅贩毒,还有一个更大的计划正在实施,妄图勾结国外贩毒集团在邻近中国的海域建立一个大型毒品基地,而金飞的掌纹正是他启动转移到国外的巨额赃款三个秘钥之一。宝玉和战友们怀着离开即归来的大无畏的牺牲精神,用生命去换取社会的安定与人民的幸福。 Synopsis Anti-drug battle has begun, Baoyu supposes to return to his scored as a police after completing a final mission. However, there is a more tougher mission waiting for him to complete. Baoyu has to give up the precious opportunity of returning and work as an undercover again. The police director Fang Qinlong, who has code named “Fangfang”, designed detection plan boldly that helps Baoyu to collect the first-hand evidence on the frontier with his “wanted” identity. Fang also assigned female police officer Guan Xiaozhi to treat Jin Fei by disguising herself as a psychologist, to force Jin expose the truth of his fake amnesiac and utilization of Baoyu. Baoyu counter-plotted to get access to the great entrepreneur Jiuye in Hongchuan by working with Jinfei and he found out that Jiuye is a hidden drug trafficker. Jiuye is not only trafficking drugs but also scheming a huge crime. He colluded with foreign drug cartel to build a huge drug manufacturing base close to the China seas. Nevertheless, Jin’s palm print is one of the three secret keys to activate the transfer of huge amount of illicit money overseas. Baoyu and his comrades who have dauntless spirit of self-sacrifice, use their own lives to exchange for the social stability and people’s happiness.
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Participating Company (Full name): ROSAT Media & Entertainment Corporation荣信达(上海)文化发展有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Undercover 卧底归来 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 45 )Min( 00 )Sec ×( 45 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-05-12
Broadcaster:卫视:山东卫视、天津卫视 Shandong Network Radio-Television Station, TianJin TV 媒体:爱奇艺 iQiyi Name:
Director:刘光 Guang Liu Scriptwriter:黄鉴、刘光 Jian Huang, Guang Liu
Cameraman:刘涛 Tao Liu
Previous Awards : Producer:李小婉 Xiaowan Li
Leading Actor男主角-林申Lin Shen
Leading Actor-林申Lin Shen
Leading Actress-付晶Fu Jing
Supporting Actress-杨雨婷Yang Yuting
Supporting Actor-李彦明Li Yanming
Director-刘光Liu Guang
Scriptwriter-黄鉴Huang Jian