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TV Drama

Program Name:Warm Love 暖爱

  • Introduction
There were a pair of twins who were separated from each other since young. One was naive and kind, the other was self-interested. A sudden car accident came and completely changed the fate of these two sisters. The younger Huo Zhi, rescued Jiang's heir, Jiang Cun in a car accident. Dramatically, Jiang Cun woke up and mistook the elder Qin Yinsu as his lifesaver. For that, he married the elder sister.A sparrow flies up to be the Phoenix.Qin Yinsu thought her dreams came true at last when she found all she had was stolen from her younger sister. In order to save the marriage and the status of Mrs. Jiang, Qin Yinsu spared no effort to cheat Jiang Cun and her own sister.While the naive and kind-hearted Huo Zhi was tricked by Qin Yingsu and spared no effort to defend her elder sister's marriage to fight with Jiang Cun, unexpectedly, she was caught up in a family feud. Finally, with her kindness and tenacity, she gradually revealed the truth, not only changing his sister’s attitude and recovering their relationship, but also gaining her own love. 一对自小就分开的双生姐妹,一个天真善良,一个自私自利,一场突如其来的车祸却彻底改变了两个人的命运。妹妹霍栀在车祸中救了江氏集团的继承人江村,而江村醒来却误认为自己的救命恩人是姐姐秦樱素,从而将其娶进家门。秦樱素一朝飞上枝头以为美梦成真,却发现自己所拥有的一切都是鹊巢鸠占。为了保住这段本就错位的婚姻和江太太的地位,秦樱素不惜欺骗江村、欺骗自己的亲妹妹。而天真善良的霍栀被秦樱素蒙骗,一心为了捍卫姐姐的婚姻与江村斗智斗勇,没想到自己却被卷入了一场家族争斗的阴谋之中。最终,霍栀凭借自己的善良和坚韧一步步揭开真相,不仅换回了姐姐秦樱素的幡然悔悟,修复了姐妹之情,自己也收获到了真正的爱情。
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Participating Company (Full name):CVCC 北京中视百代文化传播有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Warm Love 暖爱 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 45 )Min( )Sec ×( 34 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-08-11
Broadcaster:Shanghai China、中国上海,TV series channel of Shanghai Television Station、上海电视台电视剧频道 Name:
Director:Ding Yu、余丁 Scriptwriter:Mi Qian、千米
Cameraman:Ang Li、李昂
Previous Awards : Producer:Na Peng、彭娜
Actor男主角-Zhai Tianlin翟天临
Leading Actor-Zhai Tianlin翟天临
Leading Actor-Zhai Tianlin翟天临
Supporting Acrtress女配角-Bai Huizi白卉子
Supporting Acrtress-Bai Huizi白卉子
Supporting Acrtress-Bai Huizi白卉子
Supporting Acrtress-Bai Huizi白卉子