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TV Documentary

Program Name:World Behind the Wall 外面的世界

  • Introduction
Documentary Introduction: At the junction of Sichuan Province and Yunnan Province, there is a place called Liangshan. It is the key position of the Southern Silk Road to Southeast Asia. The climate here gently likes spring all the year round and the local people are very pure and honest. However, the beautiful place is wiped out of all its colors because of poverty and grief. The local language and geography location are barriers that make it become to a conservative small world. The documentary recorded a story about a Yi-youth who growing up in poor Liangshan and went back to hometown to teach after he had been well educated and achieved a lot in the city. Ji Ziqubu, the protagonist, was recommended and entered the BN vocational school in 2013. After graduation, He successfully seized the chance to work at a five-star hotel in Sanya. Even though he went through the great charge, he was still worried about the children in his hometown who were the same as he was. He realized that the difficulty of Liangshan was not just about poverty. To break the barriers of thought and the chains of closure was much more important. People needed to know that poverty was not an equivalent chip for good moral. Ji gave up the job in Sanya in 2016. He went back to Liangshan and became a volunteer to teach the orphans to read and learn Mandarin. Not only the story was about a poor youth who broke the fetter of language, but also showed a recipient became a giver. It’s not just about the slogan “education changes destiny”. It‘ s about love, humanity and the hope of Liangshan. 在四川省西南部川滇交界之处,有一个叫做大凉山的地方。它是通往东南亚的“南方丝绸之路”重镇,它冬无严寒夏无酷暑,四季如春民风淳朴。然而,这个美丽的地方却因为穷、苦、惨、哀,被抹掉了所有色彩,语言和地理上的重重障碍把它包裹着成为一个保守僵化的小世界。 本片了记录一个大凉山的彝族青年走出他从小长大的贫困山村来到城市学习成长之后又毅然回到家乡支教的故事。 2013年主人公吉子曲布经过推荐进入了百年职校学习,并在毕业后成功留在三亚一家五星级酒店工作。然而,经过蜕变的他却依旧牵挂着家乡里那些和他曾经一样的孩子们,他明白在那座大山里,需要改变的不仅仅是贫穷,更重要的是打破思想的壁垒和封闭的枷锁,人们需要懂得贫困不是索取善良的等价筹码。2016年,他放弃了三亚的工作,回到了大凉山做一名志愿者,教授那里的孤儿认字读书和学习普通话。这是一个受者成为施者的故事,这是贫困的孩子打破语言桎梏寻求希望的故事。这个故事远不止是“教育改变命运”的鸡汤,更是关于“爱”,关于“人”,关于大凉山的“希望”。
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Participating Company (Full name):lamglobal 北京青木印象传媒工作室(有限合伙) Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:World Behind the Wall 外面的世界 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 10 )Min( 5 )Sec ×( 1 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2016-11-20
Broadcaster:北京/Beijing Name:
Director:张洋/Max Zhang Scriptwriter:张洋/Zhang Yang
Cameraman:李一斌/Li Yibin
Previous Awards : Producer:姚莉/Yao Li
Director/导演-张洋 Max Zhang
Cinematography/摄影-李一斌 Li Yibin