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TV Drama

Program Name:Tracks in the sonwy forest 林海雪原

  • Introduction
1946年冬天,日寇无条件投降之后,东北数十万的土匪武装被我强大的解放军部队以摧枯拉朽之势几近消灭殆尽。侥幸逃脱的匪首许大马棒、座山雕、李德林、谢文东和马希山等人自知罪大恶极、血债累累,窜踞深山密林,据守天险,负隅顽抗。国民党政府趁机派遣党务专员,对这些盗寇惯匪、地主恶霸、北满残余宪兵流氓进行收编,封官晋爵,并组织“地下先遣军”分子,不断制造暗杀、爆炸事件,疯狂破坏我解放区土改成果,威胁着我东北解放区的安危和东北战局。 牡丹江军分区老二团参谋长少剑波(代号203)临危受命,组建剿匪小分队,由侦察英雄杨子荣、“长腿”孙达得、“坦克”刘勋苍、“猴登”栾超家、“救护天使”白茹等一些忠诚勇敢、意志顽强、战斗经验丰富的36名解放军战士组成剿匪小分队,他们穿林海跨雪原,克服千难险阻,“奇袭奶头山”、“智取威虎山”、“捣覆神河庙”、“围剿大锅盔”,发扬“越是艰险越向前”的大无畏革命精神,完全彻底地消灭了几大顽匪,取得了剿匪的全面胜利,谱写了一个个甘洒热血写春秋的传奇剿匪故事...... 1946 winter, the Japanese unconditional surrender, the northeast hundreds of thousands of bandits armed with my powerful PLA troops to Cuikulaxiu almost disappeared. Lucky to escape the bandits of the first vote of the big stick, mountain carvings, Li Delin, wow gold and Ma Xi Shan, who know the crime of great evil, blood debt, channeling the mountains and dense forests, according to keep the day, The Kuomintang government took the opportunity to send a party commissioner, to these bandits bandits, landlord bully, North Manchu residual gendarmerie rogue incorporated, sealed Jin Jue, and organized "underground advance army" elements, continue to create assassinations, bombings, crazy destruction of my liberated area Soil reform results, threatening the safety of the Northeast liberated areas and the Northeast war situation. Mudan Jiangjun District second group chief of staff Shao Jianbo (code 203) stepped in, set up bandits squad, by the reconnaissance hero Yang Zirong, "long legs" Sun Da was "tank" Liu Xuncang, "monkey Deng" Luan Chaojia, Ambulance angel "white Ru and some loyal and brave, tenacious, fighting experience of 36 PLA soldiers composed of bandits squadron team, they wear Linhai cross snow, to overcome the difficulties and obstacles," odd nipple mountain "," "," Miao Shen River Temple "," encirclement big pot helmet ", carry forward the" more dangerous and more forward, "the dawnless revolutionary spirit, completely completely eliminate the few big bandits, made a full victory of the bandits, and write One by one chill blood to write the legend of the legendary bandits ... ...
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Participating Company (Full name):J.A.Harves Media Co.,Ltd.北京吉安永禾影视有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Tracks in the sonwy forest 林海雪原 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 45 )Min( 03 )Sec ×( 64 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2017-07-16
Broadcaster:安徽卫视(Anhui TV Station)、山东卫视(Shandong TV )、爱奇艺(iQIYI) Name:
Director:金姝慧(ShuHui Jin) Scriptwriter:金姝慧(ShuHui Jin)
Cameraman:伍卫东(WeiDong Wu)
Previous Awards :2017-10-27 美国亚洲电视节金橡树奖获得“优秀电视剧”奖 2017 The Golden Oak award of the Asian TV Festival won the award of "excellent TV drama" Producer:金姝丽(ShuLi Jin)
Director-Jin Shuhui金姝慧
Scriptwrier-Jin Shuhui金姝慧
Leading Actor-Li Guangjie李光洁
Leading Actor-Li Guangjie李光洁
Leading Actress- Liu Jing刘婧
Leading Actress- Liu Jing刘婧
Supporting Actor-Ni Dahong倪大红