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Program Name:50 Years On: The Poison of Thalidomide

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The thalidomide poisoning incident of the early 1960s was the first of a series of drug poisoning cases in Japan. One after another, mothers who took the drug, assured of its safety, gave birth to children with severe deformities. A civil suit was filed against the government and a pharmaceutical company, and after 10 years of dispute over the causal relationship, a settlement was reached. Forty years have passed since then. Many of the parents who filed the suit have passed away, and the average age of the victims who were then children is now past 50. How did this incident unfold, and how have the victims managed to live with their disabilities? The victims themselves have now begun to reexamine these questions. In June 2014, the Japanese government released the results of a survey of the present condition of the thalidomide victims. Physical examinations using cutting-edge medical technology and interviews with victims revealed a wide array of disabilities that had previously been undetected. In addition to their visible external deformities, the victims suffer from abnormal internal organs, bones, and blood vessels, as well as secondary disabilities caused by using their bodies to compensate for their primary disabilities. The report confirmed the emergence of complications that were not anticipated forty years ago. The program explores the nature of thalidomide poisoning, as established by this recent report. Following the victims as they once again confront the consequences of their exposure, a portrait of a half-century of “the poison of thalidomide” emerges.
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