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Program Name:The UNwanted

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Intro: This is not a story about one person, or a community, or a disease, it is not about a medical cure or condition. This film is the reflection of our inured, incorrigible and ill-informed community system. It is about how & where the hollowness of our democratic framework, our Government and our constitution has failed over a million people in India. But, when we went looking into the depths of this issue, we found hope. Hope in the eyes of an old school master, in the playful laughter of a young 8 yr. old boy, and hope in the hands of the healers. The Ndtv family has always held such issues close to our heart. Once again NDTV prime, we are hell bent on exposing an open secret. This documentary entails the hidden sorrows and the hopeful nature of those inflicted with not only a medical disease but an illness of the constitution. We will show you how; the very social construct of our nation facilitates the lack of basic human rights to those already in need of special care. Leprosy: A medical condition of the skin, caused by an airborne bacterium. Anyone with a feeble immune system can fall prey to this disease & its horrifying symptoms. Statistics: Body: The stories of those with Leprosy range from abandonment, ostracization, discrimination, unbearable pain, to physical deformation. We will document the lives of 5 such subjects, who have spent their time on earth with utter humiliation and disgrace, yet they fight back with the help of those who choose to protect them. We have made this possible by collaborating with the “Leprosy Mission Trust” and its supporters. This documentary sheds light on the colonial laws that are still in practice. The laws that enforce the snatching of basic rights from people with leprosy. Laws such as, “ a man/woman can divorce their spouse on the basis of leprosy” “ people with leprosy cannot travel in public transport”. A total of 16 such laws ensure the ostricization of a set of people that are otherwise actually cured and healthy. It also allows others to discriminate with guilt, it allows the foiling of a youth, it allows abandonment of the elderly and the ill-treatment of the young. People will watch this film not for information but to dwell within the mind of the special ones. To learn about their unbreakable spirit and how they overcame their fears, challenged the norm and came out fulfilled & happy. This features the stories of people that have changed their own mind, or the minds of others for the better of all mankind. We will show you, what leprosy means to these people and how a long battle against the ancient notions have made them stronger and weaker at the same time. This is a story about upliftment, change, ideologies, faith and Hope. This film will take you on a journey which will force you to be thankful for all the bounties in life and will motivate you to bring out the best in yourself and in others. This film will remain with you forever. When you look outside your window and glance at that street beggar, when you teach your children about discrimination, when you fight for your own rights and when you smile & wonder about contentment.
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