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Program Name:Troubled Water

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Synopsis TROUBLE WATER Director : Govinda Nepal Government data shows Kathmandu Valley demands 280 MLD. Only 1/3rd of the demand is currently met. Daily 220 million litres is extracted from the ground. See what will be the faith of traditional dugwells and stonespouts. We have heard about Melamchi last 30 years when we was a teenager. we have grown old now, still water from Melamchi has not come. What the government is doing? Selling the dreams only? making our issue a begging bowl ? corrupt ! its time to ask why Melamchi could not even after 30 years people ask question. KUKL supplies water extracting from the ground. No work has been done to conserve the source. If the situation continued Kathmandu will subside in 20-25 years. The basic necessities like food and drinking water are in high scarcity. In order to wash clothes, people gather themselves on the banks of Bagmati River. It is much polluted. We do not have any options. We have already confronted the higher authorities and questioned them for bringing about drinking water, but our concerns have been ignored.
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