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Synopsis This documentary film is focusing on, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights prohibits depriving any people from its means of subsistence, Biodiversity acknowledges the importance of indigenous communities as guarantors and protectors of biodiversity. Has Nepal ratified both these instruments? This special Documentry encourages the yak farmer saved Sailung. Why are the nomads being forcibly relocated by Nepal government? What are the effect ion of development and modernism? Why this Indigenous community going to change their profession? If they leav sailung, what will be the effect upon the Sailung area's biodiversity ? After they change their Profession can they improve their living standard? And what is the present market of Chhurpi (Product of Nuk's milk).Why Chauri is necessary in sailung for ecosystem balance? Why Chauri is important for the preservation of history, culture and rituals of Sailung?
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Participating Company (Full name):Govinda Country/Territory:Nepal
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