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Program Name:See more,Know more

  • Introduction
Introduction of See more, Know more, GZBN See more, Know more was the first info-variety show that’s based on family in Guangdong Province. There were three competitive sections altogether: 1) Family story telling; 2) Cantonese folkloric knowledge Q & A; 3)Cantonese family true man show. At the end of the show, live audience will vote on the final winner, Cantonese Star Family. The show was characterized by 3 main features. First of all, the program was elaborated with special angle of views. Cantonese folkloric culture was interpreted by the family themselves. Secondly, this program was completely original. Every single question in Q & A section was created by the staff team members, which was real down to earth to earth. It also revealed the previously untold stories behind local cultural heri tage, such as Cantonese porcelain, dragon boat, etc. Last but not least, interactive display of the show was also favorable. Indoor and outdoor shooting of the show had expanded the touch of Cantonese cult rue with more freshness, for it interacted the family and the show with different manners. Bilingual application of Mandarin and Cantonese was a prominent part of the show, because it shows the attitude of being multicultural, which is the most important part of Cantonese spirit.
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Participating Company (Full name):广州广播电视台 Guangzhou Broadcasting Network Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:See more,Know more Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 42 )Min( )Sec ×( 12 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2015-04-25
Broadcaster:中国 广东 广州 Guangzhou City,Guangdong Prov.China Name:廖小琪
Director:王钧 Wang Jun, 关杰心 Guan Jiexin, 廖小琪 Liao Xiaoqi, 程璐 Cheng Lu, 杨卓豪 Yang Zhuohao Scriptwriter:何故 He Gu, 何涛 He Tao, 梁颖欣 Liang Yingxin, 梁高晖 Liang Gaohui, 陈书婷 Chen Shuting, 潘子超 Pan Zichao, 王小红 Wang Xiaohong, 龙东江 Long Dongjiang, 何江涛 He Jiangtao, 翟佳 Zhai Jia, 张秋 Zhang Qiu, 叶小燕 Ye Xiaoyan
Cameraman:刘健行 Liu Jianxing, 王元雄 Wang Yuanxiong, 李景辉 Li Jinghui, 袁建辉 Yuan Jianhui, 冯海牛 Feng Hainiu, 张善强 Zhang Shanqiang, 谢文栋 Xie Wendong, 屈保印 Qu Baoyin, 刘志刚 Liu Zhigang, 李双节 Li Shuangjie
Previous Awards : Producer:吴国辉 Wu Guohui , 钟刚 Zhong Gang