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Program Name:Ode to joy 欢乐颂

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Ode To Joy Original Writer: Anai Screenwriter: YUAN Zidan Directors: KONG Sheng, JIAN Chuanhe Producer: HOU Hongliang Stars: LIU Tao, JIANG Xin, WANG Ziwen, YANG Zi, QIAO Xin, ZU Feng, WANG Kai, YANG Shuo, ZHANG Lu, WU Bing Guest star: JIN Dong, 43 Episodes Premiere Platform: Dragon TV, Zhejiang Satellite TV Premiere Time: April 17, 2016 Senior HR FAN Shengmei, intern GUAN Juer, and secretary QIU Yingying, the three rented a suite in the 22nd floor of "Ode to Joy" community in Shanghai, along with Andy who has a high IQ and high income and QU Xiaoxiao which is an affluent second generation and overseas returnee. The five distinct girls were difficult to get along with each other, gradually they accepted each other, and finally opened their hearts to each other. They work together to solve the problems and grew up together, Eventually, Juer found herself, Yingying identified her own direction, Shengmei resolved her family issues successfully, Xiaoxiao received recognition from her parents, Andy might have a new possibility in love. 欢乐颂 原著:阿耐 编剧:袁子弹 导演:孔笙、简川訸 制片人:侯鸿亮 主演:刘涛、蒋欣、王子文、杨紫、乔欣、祖峰、王凯、杨烁、张陆、吴冰 友情出演:靳东、 集数:43集 首播平台:东方卫视 浙江卫视 首播时间:2016年4月17日 资深HR樊胜美、新晋实习生关雎尔、文秘邱莹莹三人在上海合租一套房,与高智商海归金领安迪、留学归来富家女曲筱绡,同住在一个名叫“欢乐颂”的中档小区22楼,五个女人如春兰秋菊,上演着22楼版的“绝望主妇”,从互相揣测对方到渐渐接纳彼此并敞开心扉,在这一过程中齐心协力解决彼此问题并一齐成长,最终,关雎尔找到自我,邱莹莹明确了自己的方向,樊胜美成功化解家庭问题,曲筱绡得到家里认可,安迪的情感有了新的可能。
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Participating Company (Full name):Daylight Entertainment Co.,Ltd东阳正午阳光影视有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title:Ode to joy 欢乐颂 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 40 )Min( )Sec ×( 42 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2016年4月17日
Broadcaster:东方卫视、浙江卫视 Name:
Director:Jian ChuanHe 简川訸 Scriptwriter:Yuan ZiDan 袁子弹
Cameraman:Wang YiWei王逸伟
Previous Awards : Producer:Hou HongLiang侯洪亮