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Program Name: Panda and Little Mole 熊猫和小鼹鼠

  • Introduction
《Panda and Little Mole》 Project Introduction “A trip of discovery. A most sincere friendship. A pair of fun brothers.” This animated series tells a story of Little Mole in China and how Little Mole met Panda and his friends, as well as how they started their wonderful friendship. This is a series about friendship, mutual assistance and growth. It’s an ecological fairy tale for the new era, which will bring the children more laughter and joyful zest for life. It will not only shorten the distance between children and nature, but also bring back adults’ beautiful memory in their childhood and human’s purest feelings. This animated series is the first cooperation between China and Czech Republic in the field of kid’s animation production. It’s also a thorough communication and fusion between Chinese culture and world culture. Panda and Little Mole will guide the children to happily understand the intimate relationships among nature, animals and humans. The series will be a fine work popular among children in the world.
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Participating Company (Full name):CCTV Animation Inc.央视动画有限公司 Country/Territory:China
Programme Title: Panda and Little Mole 熊猫和小鼹鼠 Programme Category:
Length of Programme:( 12 )Min( 00 )Sec ×( 52 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2016-03-28
Broadcaster:CCTV-KIDS中央电视台少儿频道 Name:
Director:Zeng Weijing曾伟京 Scriptwriter:Zou Han邹晗、Situ Zhilan司徒志岚、Sun Tian孙甜、Li Yishu李亦树、Wu Xiaoyu吴晓宇、Sun Xiaosong孙晓松、Michael Ryan麦克•瑞恩、Zhao Guangming赵广明、Gao Dayong高大庸、Xiang Hua向华
Cameraman:CCTV Animation Inc.央视动画有限公司
Previous Awards :1.2015年荣获第15届韩国光州国际文化产业博览会“最佳动画形象设计大奖”。 2.2015年入选文化部文化产业司关于国家动漫品牌建设和保护计划“创意品牌项目”。 Producer:Cai Zhijun蔡志军、Karolína Milerová卡罗丽娜•米勒洛娃