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Program Name:Designed in China中国设计

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Since the late 20th century, products with the label Made in China have swept the world. It’s been an economic miracle unequalled in living memory. But, even as economists began to voice worries that being a manufacturer and not an innovator was not enough for China to sustain her economic miracle, Chinese designers were fretting that China’s unique voice and vision, evolved over 5000 years, was little known in the rest of the world…Now at last, Chinese designers are stepping into the global limelight–taking on the world, with their uniquely Chinese style and approach to everything from architecture to high end fashion. Architecture: In this episode we see how three of China’s most dynamic and talented architects are tackling these problems head on and do it in a way that’s genuinely original; distinctively Chinese. And share the lessons with the world learning from their design. Fashion:In this episode we go behind closed doors in the glamorous, exciting,colorful world of China’s fashion designers as they try to make their mark in the cut-throat international fashion industry. Product: From success at international exhibitions and in competitions, China’s product designers must now start to become businessmen and women. They need to start producing items that can be produced, marketed and shipped safely around the world. This takes money – and a whole new mindset.This episode will tell us the China’s product designers how to solve these problems! 由央视纪录频道与五洲传播出版社联合出品。本片将跟随具有国际影响力的设计师,记录他们正在进程中的设计作品,体现当代中国人的创新精神,对外展现中国创新力和现代中国形象。进入21世纪以来,中国正在由“中国制造”向“中国创造”嬗变,设计师用积淀于中国文化之上的创新精神,让“中国设计”走向世界。本片计划通过跟随设计领域的创新典型人物,向世界介绍中国创新力,展示现代中国的崭新形象。"
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Participating Company (Full name):China Intercontinental Communication Center 五洲传播中心 Country/Territory:China
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Length of Programme:( 50 )Min( 00 )Sec ×( 3 )Episode First Broadcasting Date:2016-03-08
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Cameraman:Sun Shaoguang孙少光
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